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Chair Message October 2018

October 2018

Hello, October! Hello to Fall, sweaters, crunchy leaves, scarves, pumpkin spice, and crisp air! As we closed out September, we also closed out an exciting and eventful ASHP Policy Week in DC.

Policy Week is the beginning of the policy-making year for ASHP. This week is a time for the five appointed Councils and the Commission on Affiliate Relations to collaborate on top issues in pharmacy and recommend the development of necessary resources and policies supported by ASHP. As our Section’s representative, I was able to observe these important conversations and sessions. Prior to attending Policy Week, the SCSS Executive Committee discussed the Councils’ agendas and selected sessions for me to attend to make sure we heard the discussions that could have an impact on our Section. Here are some of those topics:

  • Handling of hazardous drugs in sterile patient environments

  • Intravenous to enteral antimicrobial interchange

  • ASHP long-range vision for the pharmacy work force in hospitals and health systems

  • Safe and effective use of ketamine

  • Drug shortages

  • Therapeutic use of cannabidiol oil

  • Impact of secondary wholesalers on drug pricing and drug shortages

  • Medication-related effects on suicidality

  • Therapeutic use of essential oils

In the next few weeks, the Council secretaries will summarize the discussions regarding each agenda item and will later be voted on by the ASHP Board. If policy modifications or development of new policies have been deemed necessary, the policies will be sent to the House of Delegates for deliberation and voting. Additionally, the summaries will be posted on ASHP Connect for your review and comments. Please contact your state’s Delegates to ensure your views are properly represented.

Additionally, Policy Week attendees participated in the annual Legislative Day and met with members of Congress on Capitol Hill to make sure your voice on top legislative priorities are being heard. This year’s main topics revolved around the following issues:

If this collaborative effort interests you, you should consider applying for an ASHP Commission or Council. Members should fill out the Appointment Recommendation Submission Form for the 2019-2020 term and the deadline for recommendations is November 15, 2018.

Enjoy the pumpkin spice drinks and treats of the Fall season! I hope to see many of you at the Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim!

Audrey Kennedy, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCPPS
Chair, Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists
[email protected]