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SCSS Roundtable Discussion Leaders

Roundtable Discussion Leaders 2018 - 2019

The Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists have established networking groups to meet the needs of specialty practitioners. Roundtable Discussion Leaders lead contemporary specialty areas for practitioners to discuss clinical or administrative issues.


Assess emerging issues related to key topics in networking specialty and identify, share, and develop resources to enhance the ability of members to meet patient needs. Serve as a content matter expert for appointed specialty and advise Executive Committee on any issues related that practice area.


  • Appointments: All members will be active ASHP members
  • Appointments will be made on an annual basis Roundtable Discussion Leaders are to be appointed by the Chair of the Section Executive Committee.
  • All appointed members will serve a one year term with the option to re-apply for a second year.


  • Roundtable Discussion Leaders will primarily conduct its business through electronic mail and/or conference calls 
  • All members are encouraged to utilize ASHP Connect for communications and document exchange
  • Roundtable Discussion Leaders with a corresponding resource center on the ASHP website will meet on an adhoc basis via to recommend and discuss updates to the associated Resource Center 
  • Clinical Leadership, Pediatrics, Emerging Sciences and Emergency Care will be on their corresponding SAGs monthly calls and will develop topics for discussion for Midyear Roundtable Discussions with input from the SAGs. 

Meeting Activities

  • Plan and organize networking activities, now known as Round Table Discussions at the Midyear Clinical Meeting
  • Host assigned Midyear Clinical Meeting Round Table Discussions
  • Posting on ASHP Connect to promote Roundtable Discussions 1-2 weeks prior to the Midyear Clinical Meeting
  • Those with associated Combined Roundtable Discussion/Poster Sessions (Pediatrics, Emergency Care and Critical Care) will work with ASHP staff member on communications and coordination of session
  • Posting on ASHP Connect a summary of discussions held during the Roundtable Discussions

Section Activities

  • Post weekly clinical pearls to Connect on a rotating schedule: (Sign up in August for preferred week)
  • Provide a NewsLink submissions via the corresponding schedule:
  • October: Anticoagulation and Infectious Diseases
  • December: Cardiology and Nutrition Support 
  • February: Critical Care and Pharmacoeconoimcs/Drug Policy 
  • April: Geriatrics and Internal Medicine 
  • June: Heme/Onc and Preceptor Skills 
  • August: Immunology/Transplant and Psychiatry/Neurology 

Resource Development and Maintenance:

  • Review and update the Section associated Resource Center web content.
  • Annual Updates in concert with the corresponding SAGs: Pediatrics/Neonatal: Pediatrics Resource Center Emerging Sciences: Emerging Sciences Resource Center Emergency Care: Emergency Care Resource Center
  • Adhoc: 
    • Anticoagulation: Anticoagulation Resource Center
    • Cardiology: Cardiology Resource in the Clinical Pharmacy Resource Center
    • Critical Care: Critical Care Resource in the Clinical Pharmacy Resource Center
    • Geriatrics: Geriatrics Resource Center
    • Hematology/Oncology: Hematology/Oncology Resource in the Clinical Pharmacy Resource Center
    • Infectious Diseases: Infectious Diseases Resource in the Clinical Pharmacy Resource Center
    • Neurology and Psychiatry: Neurology and Psychiatry Resounce in the Clinical Pharmacy Resource Center
    • Nutrition Support: Nutrition Support Resource in the Clinical Pharmacy Resource Center

Additional Duties

  • Participate in interviews with press representatives on issues in the specialty area when contacted by ASHP.
  • Provide expert commentary or review of policy and position statements from ASHP or other organizations or agencies.
  • Provide suggestions for ASHP educational programming, products, or expert review of same
  • Suggest or participate in the Section's educational programming at the ASHP Midyear Clinical meeting
  • Participate annual Educational Needs Assessment Survey
  • Identify key topics related to the network area and coordinate educational items, projects or manuscript submission to AJHP or the AJHP Clinical Consultation Column
  • Participate with Discussions on ASHP Connect

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