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Patricia Christopherson, Maria Hankes, Karen Klosinski, Kaia Zepke

Aspirus Wausau Hospital

Our group of emergency room pharmacists at Aspirus Wausau Hospital stepped up when COVID-19 hit Wisconsin, working side-by-side with the emergency room team. They adapted to new facility requirements of face masks, face shields, and hair coverings, but did not lose the fact that the patient still came first.

The pharmacists adjusted their face-to-face medication history to be completed by placing a phone call into the patient's room. The emergency room pharmacists at Aspirus Wausau Hospital reassured family members that their loved ones would receive the best care possible despite new facility regulations and passed along how family could keep in touch with the patient.

The pharmacy staff was also involved with setting up an outside COVID-19 screening site and provided clarification on ordering, delivery, and restocking of supplied medication. This group continues to be a strong member of the Aspirus Emergency Room healthcare team!

Patricia Christopherson, PharmD, BCSP; Maria Hankes, RPh; Karen Klosinski, PharmD, BCPS; and Kaia Zepke, PharmD, are emergency room pharmacists at Aspirus Wausau Hospital.


Posted April 1, 2021