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Call for Delegates

74th Session of the House of Delegates

ASHP values the important role of state affiliates in the selection of delegates to the House of Delegates, the body establishing the professional policies of the organization. We thank you in advance for your time, attention, and work related to the 2022 session.

This is the official call for delegates and alternate delegates to the 74th session of the ASHP House of Delegates. The House of Delegates consists of ASHP members who contribute diverse pharmacy practice experience when shaping ASHP professional policies on important issues related to pharmacy practice and medication use in society.  

The following timeline is recommended to state affiliates for selecting delegates and alternates for the 2022 House of Delegates.

1. November: Announce the Call for Delegates to all ASHP members in your state 
2. December: Prepare a ballot with names and background information on candidates 
3. January: Conduct a delegate election 
4. January 28, 2022: Submit names of delegates and alternates to ASHP 

Election Procedure

Delegates and alternate delegates represent the active ASHP members in a given state. “Election” of state delegates and alternates should be in accordance with the bylaws of the affiliated state society or in accordance with accepted procedure. Eligibility of delegates and voters in the election must be in accordance with the ASHP Bylaws. Please review the ASHP Election Procedure Bylaws before conducting your election for state delegates and alternates.

While there is a limitation set forth in the ASHP Bylaws on the number of delegates from a state, there is no limitation on the number of alternate delegates a state may designate. ASHP recommends that the number of alternate delegates not exceed the allowable number of delegates. The ASHP House of Delegates Apportionment for the period July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2023, sets forth the number of delegates to be elected from among ASHP members in each state.

Election Procedure Options

State affiliates may use one of two options for the election of delegates. ASHP offers an electronic delegate elections process through its Qualtrics survey platform. ASHP will pre-populate the list of active members in your state directly into your Qualtrics state account. Alternatively, state affiliates may request an electronic file of active ASHP members in your state if not using the Qualtrics program.

If you have questions about using Qualtrics or need an electronic file of active ASHP members in your state (if not using the Qualtrics program, contact Aqila Coulthurst in the ASHP Affiliate Relations Division at 301-664-8837 or For questions regarding the delegate or election process, contact Anne Policastri at [email protected].

Deadline for Return of Delegates and Alternates

The official list of delegates and alternates from your state should be returned to the ASHP Affiliate Relations Division by email to [email protected] no later than January 28, 2022. State delegates and alternates are considered certified only if the communication is sent from a President, Board Secretary, or Executive of an ASHP-Affiliated State Society.

Welcome Messages from the Chair

The Chair of the House of Delegates will conduct a welcome webinar in March to provide new and returning delegates with an overview of service requirements before participating in the March virtual House of Delegates. The Chair also regularly communicates with delegates through email messages to alert delegates to upcoming action items.

The House of Delegates will meet on two separate occasions at the 2022 ASHP Summer Meetings.

Another virtual House of Delegates may be held in November 2022.

Resources to Help Serve as a Delegate

Please review the welcome packet for more information on delegate responsibilities. Additional resources for delegates are available on the HOD page

Thank you in advance for your time, attention, and work related to the 2022 session.


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