Pharmacogenomics AcceleratorTM Structure

What does it offer?

The Pharmacogenomics Accelerator relies on an all-teach all-learn approach for the multiple activity streams. Participants may choose to participate in any of the streams. The Accelerator will offer the following support to participants:

  • All-teach and all-learn learning collaborative:
    • Monthly pacing events webinars and individual coaching with PGx and implementation experts
    • Access to resources and guide to aide in implementation
    • Virtual (or in-person) learning events
  • Leadership support
  • ASHP Pharmacogenomics Certificate
  • PGx ECHO

When: Second cohort to start in fall of 2023.

Stream 1 – Structured, didactic learning

Via a web-based platform, participants will access online recordings, tools, templates and examples to assist implementation leads and their implementation teams with creating comprehensive planning documents. Specifically, participants will develop 1) a draft business plan for PGx services intended to secure organizational prioritization and investment, and 2) a comprehensive implementation plan to guide team action. Development of these documents will occur in parallel with work in the other three activity streams.

Stream 2 - Implementation Learning and Action Community

A structured, paced experience rooted in an “all teach, all learn” philosophy and based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Breakthrough Collaborative Model. The community of participants will be paced through a series of web-based learning sessions each leading to an action period during which participants engage in implementing elements of PGx service delivery.

  • This work will be guided by aim statements established by each participating entity and supported by individualized coaching focused on development and implementation of strategies aligned with an individual organization’s needs, readiness and priorities.
  • Participants will support each other, share lessons learned and recognize successes through a facilitated community of learning. ASHP Connect will serve as a key communications strategy for the community.
  • A complement of national PGx experts (clinical and program implementation expertise) will serve as faculty instructors and advisors for the community.
  • Presence of implementation coaches with whom participants will have regular contact for pacing, advising and accountability.

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in two in-person workshops within a 12 month cycle. These events will be designed with the following goals:

  • Bring to participants an impactful learning experience that cannot be delivered through distance technology.
  • Create a space for participants to connect with PGx Accelerator faculty and coaches.
  • Enhance the sense of community and collaboration among participants.


Stream 3 – PGx ECHO Clinical application support community

A monthly webinar-based learning experience designed based on Project ECHO will support clinical practitioners in the application of PGx information in daily practice. The general design of each session will include a brief presentation from a PGx expert on a relevant clinical topic, followed by discussions of challenging clinical cases presented by members of the community. As with other streams that follow the “all teach, all learn” strategy, faculty and participants alike will contribute to the discussions to identify relevant issues and establish a clinical strategy for the case.


For more information contact the ASHP Innovation Center at [email protected]