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Chair Message September 2018

September 2018

Dear Colleagues,

It was 14 years ago this week that I took my shy four year-old son to the second week of preschool.  I was given the job as my wife Ann, wasn’t able to get out of the classroom the first week without him holding onto her leg sobbing.  He ended up surviving preschool and the next twelve years were in his words “a blast.” His move in to college at the University of Minnesota a few weeks ago was less traumatic and he is excited for the next phase of his life.  I like new experiences and the excitement of what’s to come.  We had our own orientation over the past month with Section Advisory Groups (SAGs) and Educational Steering Committee (ESC) leaders.  It was awesome to hear the energy and excitement of the chairs and vice chairs as they talked about their goals for the upcoming year.  We also discussed our section’s strategic plan and their part in reaching our goals for the year.  A list of our SAG and ESC leaders for the 2018-2019 and each groups charges can be found at:   A few of the Section goals for the year include helping our members find ways to be resilient in our careers and home lives and sharing precepting tools to make our future pharmacists and pharmacy technicians even more prepared to take on the evolving world we practice in.  Watch for ways we are reaching those goals as we go through our new season of ASHP SAG and ESC work.

Many of these goals and ideas come from you and your fellow members that are brought forward through the ASHP sections, forums, councils, and commissions.  At the end of the month I will have the good fortune of sitting in on the many discussions during Policy Week.  Once these new policies and policy changes have been developed, they will be posted on ASHP Connect for your comment, before moving on to ASHP Regional Delegate Conferences this spring and then onto the House of Delegates at the Summer Meeting.  It doesn’t get a lot more grassroots than that!

Watch for the ASHP Member Engagement Survey in your email soon.  It provides yet another opportunity to let ASHP know your needs and thoughts. As always, you can email any member of the SICP Executive Committee at [email protected] or find us in person at our Midyear Clinical and Summer Meetings SICP Meet and Greets. 

Before I end this message I want to welcome Doug Meyer as our new SICP Chair-Elect and Sarah Stephens as our new Director-At-Large Elect.  Send them a congratulatory email if you have a chance!


Todd D. Lemke, Pharm.D., CDE
Chair, Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners
[email protected]