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SICP Chair Message January 2020

January 2020

A new year, a new decade. I read last week that we are as close to 2050 as we are to 1990. Wow! The early 1990s saw a lot of change in our profession with conversion to the all PharmD curriculum, the introduction of the Pharmaceutical Care model, with pharmacists taking more ownership of the patient’s complete medication regimen, and the first FDA approval of a transdermal delivery system (fentanyl).  Where will the profession be 30 years from now? What medication innovations will we see? I do not have a crystal ball on these questions, but they are fun to think about. What role will 3D printing have, or how widespread will robotic dispensing and medication preparation be in hospitals or the community? I think these are topics are very intriguing, if not a little frightening, when you think about potential impact.  For now, I will live for the present! 

Last time I talked about revisiting our pharmacy passions by thinking about why we became pharmacists.  Reflecting on another hectic and successful Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM) last month in Las Vegas, I am reminded of all the truly exceptional and devoted individuals we have in our profession. They are inspiring! Some of my personal MCM highlights include:

  1. The Section of Inpatient Services (SICP) Distinguished Service Award – this annual honor goes to a Section leader with a sustained and valuable contribution to the profession. Watching our 2019 recipient Emily Alexander talk about her pharmacy journey was a treat.
  2. Students, Residents and Practitioners, Oh My!I always enjoy see the future leaders of our profession start their pharmacy journeys at the MCM. I enjoy talking to students taking in their first Midyear and easing their anxiety just a little bit by empathizing that we have all been there and they will be fine. Their eyes are, at times, a little bit glazed over! It is also great to see the frontline practitioners getting cutting-edge information, knowing they will be taking it back to improve patient care.
  3. Section Members at the Meet and Greet.We have ideas to improve this event in the future (e.g. having a small banner to identify the group in a crowded location), but we still had a good turnout and we got the opportunity to meet new SICP members. It was informal and open to all, so we met our goal.
  4. The SICP Executive Committee meeting on Saturday. I would be remiss if I don’t acknowledge my fellow Executive Committee members and the expertise, thoughtfulness, and ideas they bring to ASHP and the SICP.Sarah Stevens, Todd Lemke, Susan Skledar, GregORY Burger, Allison King, Erika Thomas (ASHP) and Nish Kasbekar (ASHP Board) are a joy to work with and I learn from them every meeting.
  5. Seeing old friends. Always a MCM highlight.

From my perspective, it was another successful Midyear Clinical Meeting and it sets the stage for a busy 2020.  This spring will bring Regional Delegate Conferences (RDC), ASHP strategic planning, and Summer Meetings in Seattle that will be held June 6-10, 2020. There will also be many opportunities to review and implement initiatives of the PAI 2030, which represents a great roadmap for our profession for the next decade, although not quite getting us to 2050! I encourage all of us to take a look and think about how these ideas fit into our own organizations and departments. Lots of great ideas for continuing to move pharmacy into the future!

I hope to see you at the Summer Meetings in June or at another upcoming ASHP meeting!


Doug Meyer, B.S.Pharm., M.B.A., R.Ph., BCNSP
Chair, Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners 
[email protected]