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SICP Chair Message March 2020

March 2020

Spring is coming! The year of Section work is winding down at ASHP and we are getting ready for the Summer Meetings.  This is also the time many of us assess our current and future professional commitments and goals. Many of you are involved in Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners (SICP) activities, such as Section Advisory Groups (SAGs)/Educational Steering Committee (ESC), and have been for many years. Others may not be involved currently but have thought about throwing their hat into the ring.  I would encourage you do take off that hat and give it a toss!  If you have not been involved in the Section in the past, I thought this would be an opportunity to discuss some opportunities that are available as an active member of ASHP and the SICP. Here are some ideas:

  • Section Advisory Groups (SAG)/Educational Steering Committee (ESC)The SICP has four Section Advisory Groups: Compounding Practice (new this year), Medication Safety, Pharmacy Practice Experiences Precepting, and Small and Rural Hospitals and an Educational Steering Committee. These SAGs reflect some of the practice diversity of our section. The purpose of the SAGs is to bring practitioners together to work on issues important to Section and ASHP members.The SAGs will have monthly conference calls and work on projects to be disseminated to ASHP members. You have hopefully seen some of these resources available to members on the ASHP website.Chances are, there are tools readily available to help with projects that you are working on at your own organization.

    How do you become a member of a SAG or the ESC? There is an application and appointment process. The deadline for the application is April 1, 2020, so act now if you are interested.  If appointed, the one-year appointment will begin in August with an orientation and the groups meet from September to May. If you are not appointed, don’t be discouraged!  SAG/ESC appointments can be competitive.

  • ASHP Connect: Maybe you don’t want to commit to a year long committee, but you want to be more engaged with ASHP? ASHP Connect is a great place to get your name out there and interact with your peers by sharing practice-related information. It always amazes me how so many of us are working on the same projects and issues.Whether you are an 800-bed university teaching hospital or a 20-bed critical access hospital, you will probably be able to find a colleague working on a similar project who is willing to share ideas, or maybe even a policy draft.If you haven’t posted a question or response on SICP Connect, take a look and see what is there. You may be surprised by what you will find!

These are just a few of the ways you can throw your hat in the ASHP ring. We all know that pharmacy is a small world and any of these would be great ways to meet colleagues from across the country. Networking and information sharing are two of the most valued benefits of ASHP membership.  The SICP is always looking for new faces and ideas on our committees and whether you are a new or “seasoned” practitioner, I guarantee you will find increasing your involvement to be professionally fulfilling and probably fun along the way! If you have specific questions about becoming involved, I would be happy to help you find your ASHP niche.  Just shoot me an email: [email protected]

Speaking of fun, Seattle is calling for the Summer Meeting! Are you joining us?


Doug Meyer, B.S.Pharm., M.B.A., R.Ph., BCNSP
Chair, Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners 
[email protected]