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SICP Chair Message May 2019

May 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Have you noticed how time seems to sometimes fly by and you are left wondering where the time went?  My year as Chair of the Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners has gone by like that.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in Denver for the ASHP Summer Meetings and now I am writing my last chair message.  

Our Section Advisory Groups (SAG) and the Educational Steering Committee (ESC) have packed a tremendous amount of productivity into the year as demonstrated at our last Executive Committee meeting that was held with all SAG/ESC Chairs and Vice Chairs.  The Education Steering Committee, led by Ben Laliberte and Nicole Clark, have been developing Frontline Pharmacists articles, updating the site with eight new articles, submitting Midyear proposals and working on guidelines.  The SAG on Pharmacy Practice Experiences, led by Allison King and Mayce Al-Sukhni, have been working on the Busy Day Tool Kit for preceptors, Frontline Pharmacist article, surveys and presentations.  Codee Peterson and Stephanie Kiser and the rest of the SAG on Small and Rural Hospitals had a great Midyear Small and Rural Hospitals education program, published articles and have planned a webinar with NRHA and ORHP on UPS Chapter <800> for hospital administrators.  The SAG on Medication Safety, led by Mike Dejos and Kathy Ghomeshi, have developed a project management tool, had a successful Med Safety Pearl Session at Midyear and are putting together a whole host of other medication safety resources.  Even though it is their final year, SAG on Advancing Pharmacy Practice with Technicians SAG members and leaders Laura Hebrechtsmeier and Kathleen Hildago have led this SAG to develop USP Chapter <800> resources for technicians, created a Controlled Substances Drug Diversion Pharmacy Technician Toolkit, and work on technician career ladders.  I can’t wait to see what our new SAG on Compounding Practice does in its first year.  Check out the resources that have been developed by our section at 

A special thank you and congratulations to all SAG/ESC members who have committed time and talent to the Section this year! ASHP members are what makes ASHP great!

I recently returned from the ASHP Strategic Planning Retreat which looked at the Practice Advancement Initiatives that we, as a profession, want in place by the year 2030.  It was two jam-packed days of teamwork that took the work of the PAI 2030 Advisory Panel and tried to mold the recommendations down to concise practice area changes and recommendations.  We had some great discussion on healthcare directions, artificial intelligence and making bold goals for the future.  Watch for this final report to be coming out from ASHP in the future.  I was in awe of the forward thinking our ASHP members have in moving our profession forward.

I want to thank our Executive Committee who has diligently worked with the SAGs, created and oversaw the Section strategic plan over the last year.  Doug Meyer will be installed as the SICP Chair at Summer Meetings, his insight and knowledge will great at keeping our Section strong in the upcoming year.  Sarah Stephens will also be installed as a Director-at-Large and we have appreciated her knowledge in the area of medication safety.  Our outgoing Immediate Past Chair Linda Spooner has helped me keep on track and provided great mentorship over the year.  Also finishing up his term, Paul Milligan as Director-at-Large and resident artist, probably has recruited more people to networking sessions than anyone else at ASHP.  Director-at-Large Sue Skledar is one of the most productive people I know and was key in putting together our strategic plan for last year as well as helping to review our Section website.  I have also greatly enjoyed having Paul Walker as our ASHP Board Liaison. If you ever get a change to speak with him, you will find he not only has great student rotation placement stories, but also has lots of wise advice on where our profession needs to move.  Erika Thomas has kept me on track with the various opportunities I get to partake in as chair and made our meetings go smoothly.  It’s great to work with such extraordinary people!

If you applied for a SAG or the ESC, know that Doug and Erika have been going through the applications to place you where you can help ASHP the best.  The Section Committee on Nominations have developed an outstanding slate for the 2019 elections.  As I have learned over the years, ASHP is successful because of its members and the work they do to move our profession forward through the various committees and groups.

Perhaps, I will see you at the Summer Meeting Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners Meet and Greet.  It will be Sunday, June 9th at 7pm at the Sheraton Boston Hotel Sidebar & Grille!


Todd D. Lemke, Pharm.D., CDE
Chair, Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners 
[email protected]