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Suggested Tips from the Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners (SICP) on How to Get “IN”volved With ASHP

The “In” Section: Influential, Innovative, Indispensable - The mission of the SICP is to improve patient care by supporting the professional development and interests of pharmacists (including the clinical generalist), and pharmacy technicians, advancing the clinical, distributive, and operational practice of pharmacy, leading and being accountable for safe medication use and practices, and ensuring pharmacist access and care at the patient’s bedside.

To apply for an appointment for a SAG/ESC between November and April 1, 11:59 p.m. PDT, visit the Advisory Group and Committee Appointments page.


How Can YOU get more “IN”volved?

  • Subscribe from your ASHP account, under “My Account” and “Membership Sections.”  Select the Section of Inpatient Care Practitioners” as your primary section. You may also select as many secondary sections as you wish.
  • State Affiliate Leadership and Advocacy - ASHP state affiliates provide a great way for you to network and get involved in the chapter in your state. State affiliates also elect delegates to the ASHP House of Delegates.
  • ASHP Connect (actively  participate, get involved in the discussions, and become a blogger)
  • The SICP has a general community, the Section of Inpatient Care Practitioner, as well as specific communities for Small and Rural Hospitals, Medication Safety, and Investigational Drug Service and IRB Practitioners. There is also a special community just for Pharmacy Technicians. Participate in discussions with others with your practice interest from across the country.
  • Participate in an ASHP Meeting: Consider registering for a meeting, including the Summer Meetings and Exhibition, Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition, National Residency Preceptors Conference, ASHP Conference for Leaders in Pharmacy, or another ASHP national meeting. 
  • Get more “IN”volved in an ASHP national meeting: 1) submit or review a poster; 2) be a poster mentor; 3) submit a proposal for programming at the Midyear Clinical Meeting, 4) submit a pearl or poster for the National Residency Preceptors Conference.   
  • As a Practice Standard Reviewer - get involved by drafting, reviewing, or commenting on ASHP therapeutic position statements.
  • Submit  Policy/Guideline  Recommendations –provide comment on draft policy positions and guidelines.
  • AJHP Volunteer - serve as a reviewer or contributor for AJHP via a submission (editorial, clinical review, therapy update, report, or commentary) or as a reviewer.  Contact the AJHP division to get involved.
  • Section Advisory Groups (SAG)/ Committee -ASHP's SAGs offer you the opportunity to participate with ASHP and colleagues who share the same interests. 
    • Small and Rural Hospitals (SRH) - provide analysis and input on how ASHP and the Section can support members practicing in SRH by identifying the unique needs of pharmacists practicing in these settings and identifying strategies to better meet those needs.
    • Medication Safety - makes national medication safety initiatives more useful for inpatient care practitioners and translates them into direct patient care practice for daily use and encourages inpatient care practitioners to take leadership in the medication safety process.
    • Pharmacy Practice Experiences - develop resources and tools to guide inpatient care practitioners who offer student rotations.
    • Advancing Pharmacy Practice with Technicians - as it relates to the advancing of the pharmacy profession and the overall workforce, addresses continued competence and professional development for pharmacy technicians that enhance safe medication practice.
    • Educational Steering Committee - responsible for developing educational activities for frontline pharmacists and develop articles for
    • ASHP Summer Meetings or ASHP’s MCM Networking Session Table Facilitator- as part of one of the SAGs
  • ASHP Councils, Commission and other Committees - Many opportunities exist within the overall ASHP governance structure, from gaining appointment to one of the five ASHP Councils or the Commission on Affiliate Relations.  Each Fall you can nominate yourself or be nominated by your colleagues.
  • Section Executive Committee – The Executive Committee directs the activities and programs of the Section and advises ASHP staff on ways to better meet the needs of ASHP's section members. The Section Executive Committees  is composed of Section members elected to one of the following offices:
    • Chair - serves three years, first as Chair-Elect, then Chair, then Immediate Past-Chair
    • Director-at-Large ( DAL) - serves three years, first as DAL-Elect, then DAL
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