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Management Case Study Proposals

2022 Midyear Clinical Meeting
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 4 – 8, 2022

NEW!  Management Case Studies - Submission site will be open from April 1st to June 1st.

Management Case Studies (MCS) are an opportunity to present your work at the national level.  If you have ample experience speaking for ASHP or at other national meetings, then please encourage a less-experienced colleague to submit. 

The case study method was pioneered by the Harvard Business School in the early 1900s and still stands as a popular and effective teaching strategy in business education. The case method relies on information about people and events in a truetolife situation that represents a problem to be analyzed. Every case has unique features,andall cases have a common objective:

  • Development of analytical skills through problem identification, evaluation, and recommendations for solutions.

The primary objective of a management case presentation is to teach the audience administrative decisionmaking skills (i.e., how to approach a similar situation, evaluate alternatives, and propose a recommended action plan). MCS are 30minute oral presentations describing the administrative problem, planning, and implementation of a new system or program, or other examples of applied pharmacy management. Presenters are provided 20 minutes for a case study and 10 minutes for questions, answers, and discussion with the audience.

At the Midyear Clinical Meeting, MCS are very popular with experienced pharmacy managers and supervisors, and the audience may also include a variety of other practitioners. Above all, the audience is expecting to learn takehome strategies to apply to their current practice.