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Dip Patel

Dip Patel

Dip Patel

Saint Louis College of Pharmacy

Graduation Year: 2019

How and why I became interested in being appointed to the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee

My interest in the Pharmacy Student Forum Executive Committee began through experiences with my local SSHP Chapter and as a member of the Leadership Development Advisory Group. As I participated in the development of more events for our SSHP, I found my passion for leadership and health-system pharmacy. Over the past two years, I had the opportunity to be a member of the Pharmacy Student Forum Leadership Development Advisory Group. This experience gave me an appreciation for the value of collaboration and the development of ideas and resources for student members. I enjoyed working with students from other pharmacy schools, which helped to strengthen my own leadership skills. After speaking with past members of the Executive Committee, I realized the committee would provide an invaluable opportunity of representing student members and sharing my passion. Student Pharmacists are the future of the profession and can have a great impact on the direction of change. I would like to collaborate with other passionate students to help inspire the change necessary to make a positive impact for the future of pharmacy. I am incredibly grateful and honored for the opportunity to work with motivated student pharmacists to advocate for the profession and for SSHP members across the nation.

Professional interests

  • Health-System Administration
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Infectious Disease

How being a member of ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development

Being a member of ASHP has had a great impact on my personal and professional development. ASHP has provided me with numerous resources to help solidify health-system pharmacy as my future career. Additionally, my experiences on the Pharmacy Student Forum Leadership Development Advisory have been very fulfilling for my personal and professional development. I have been provided opportunities to network, develop my leadership skills, and advocate for change in our profession. I am confident that these experiences will help me continue my personal and professional growth.

Goals for the year as a PSFEC Member

  • Advocate for advancing pharmacy practice through policy changes
  • Expand resources available to students to help find their passion within health-system pharmacy
  • Encourage student leadership and involvement in ASHP by increasing awareness and opportunities
  • Increase collaboration between SSHP Chapters through sharing of resources

Fun fact

I have lived in three different countries (India, Canada, United States) for at least five years each.

Contact email 

[email protected]