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Kuldip R. Patel, Pharm.D.

"ASHP is the sponsor and guarantor of our profession."

Kuldip Patel

Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer

Durham, NC


Kuldip R. Patel, Pharm.D., joined ASHP in 2000 after graduating from the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy. “ASHP has directly or indirectly provided me with the knowledge, tools, and support structure to be a successful pharmacist and healthcare worker,” said Kuldip, who is the Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C. “The tremendous network of colleagues — and developing many lifelong trusted friendships — has been an invaluable privilege afforded by ASHP.”

Kuldip became a pharmacist because of his academic strengths in chemistry and mathematics as well as his deep desire to help people solve their health problems. He believes that “ASHP is the sponsor and guarantor of our profession.”

Over the years, he has observed “ASHP leaders and staff are out there fiercely scraping every thought, opinion, and idea from the members and outside stakeholders in order to maintain a strong professional presence and engagement in the health and well-being of patients.”

Kuldip has been a member of numerous ASHP Section Advisory Groups and currently serves as the Chair of the ASHP Section of Pharmacy Practice Managers Advisory Group on Management of the Pharmacy Enterprise.