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Caroline Sierra

Caroline Sierra


Assistant Professor – Pediatric Pharmacy

Loma Linda University


Reasons for selecting this career path
I was interested in academic pharmacy when I started pharmacy school, but my interest in pediatric pharmacy was sparked during my clinical rotations during as a student pharmacist. I enjoy the different disease states, the focus on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and the myriad opportunities for research. I enjoy balancing my clinical time and interactions with and instruction of pharmacy students and residents. The blend of clinical, educational, and research components of academia suits me well and keeps me energized and excited.

Professional Interests
Pediatrics, academia, professional organization involvement

Interest in the NPF Executive Committee
I have been involved in multiple ASHP advisory groups as a student and a new practitioner and I enjoyed supporting programming and resource development for these membership groups. I am excited for this opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee and to work with all the Advisory Groups to create new resources and opportunities for New Practitioners.

Benefits of being involved in ASHP as a New Practitioner
The resources provided by ASHP to New Practitioners are tremendous. The networking opportunities, assistance with transitioning from residency to practice, and help with developing clinical sites and precepting have been incredibly helpful to me. Through ASHP, I continually meet people who are improving and expanding the role of the pharmacist in their institutions, and this inspires me to do the same in my work.

Fun Fact
A photo I took has been featured on Disneyland’s Instagram account.

Contact email
[email protected]