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Jaclyn Kruse

Jaclyn Kruse

Pharm.D., BCPS, M.S.

PGY2 Internal Medicine/Academia Pharmacy Resident

University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center/Northeast Ohio Medical University

Chardon, OH and Rootstown, OH


I am a pharmacy resident completing a new PGY2 residency in internal medicine and academia. This position is exciting and challenging! I am shared with University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center and Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). Once I complete this residency, I hope to find a position as a shared faculty member in an inpatient or outpatient setting.


As a shared resident in internal medicine and academia, most of my rotations are longitudinal in nature. No two weeks are the same and I enjoy having the variety in my schedule! My internal medicine rotation entails rounding with a physician and a physician assistant or nurse practitioner on a daily basis. The physician I work with has no previous clinical pharmacy experience, and I was excited to join his team as part of a new practice model. We typically see anywhere from 25-30 patients on a daily basis, working together to provide high quality, safe, and effective care. Although we are not a teaching hospital by definition, our pharmacy services have worked diligently to create small teaching rounds within the community hospital environment.

My ambulatory care component takes place primarily in a pharmacist-run outpatient clinic, where we see patients under collaborative practice agreements to provide chronic disease state management, polypharmacy, anticoagulation, and, recently, telephonic accountable care organization visits. My pharmacy service experience consists of distributional responsibilities in both the inpatient and oncology pharmacy. My practice management experience includes participation in hospital and health-system committee work, participation in local, state, and national organizations, and systemwide operational projects which may be of clinical or nonclinical nature. As part of my research experience, I will design, conduct, and submit for publication a research project related to internal medicine.

My academic responsibilities include faculty development (6-month rotation), academic leadership (6- month rotation), and instructional design (longitudinal). The faculty development rotation includes developing, organizing, and delivering faculty development sessions for pharmacy faculty at NEOMED throughout the 2013-2014 academic year. As a part of this rotation, I also actively contribute to programming through the Center for Faculty Development and deliver short faculty development sessions at each Pharmacy Practice department meeting throughout the year. The academic leadership experience includes several experiences with various departments within the university, including spending time with the pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science department chairs, working with the dean of the college of pharmacy, academic affairs, student services, and various other entities in order to gain a thorough understanding of organizational structure and operations. Throughout this experience, I will also be involved in several department, college, and university projects. The instructional design and delivery experience involves the development and course directorship of a new elective course within the college of pharmacy, assessment of that course after its completion, and various large and small group teaching responsibilities throughout the year. Also, as part of my academic responsibilities, I serve on the Outcomes Assessment Committee, which evaluates the effectiveness of our curriculum to meet NEOMED College of Pharmacy outcomes.

I can say that this year has given me a true shared faculty experience with several other opportunities that may not be available to new faculty such as course directorship, learning opportunities within academic administration, and extensive involvement in faculty development. I highly advise those seeking shared faculty positions to consider this PGY2 program on the top of your list!

How She Got There

During my PGY1, I further developed my passion for teaching and learning through the opportunities of participating in two teaching certificate programs, precepting pharmacy students, and developing educational materials for other healthcare providers and the community. Even when I was interviewing for PGY1, I knew that a PGY2 was essential for the specific teaching and administrative experiences I wanted to be a part of in the academic environment. As a result, this PGY2 was a new program developed in order to identify an area of practice need (internal medicine) in the northeast Ohio region, as well as to allow the resident to experience balancing shared faculty responsibilities throughout their residency training. The collaborative relationship established between UHGMC and NEOMED served as an excellent foundation for a new program to thrive upon. And I was fortunate enough to be the first resident to experience this amazing opportunity!

Other Professional Activities

I am a member of the ASHP Small and Rural Hospitals Section Advisory Group, and the SSHP mentoring program. Also, I am actively involved in the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists (OSHP) Professional Affairs Division as well as the OSHP PPMI Task force. I am beginning to get involved in AACP as a member of the Continuing Professional Development SIG as well as the Pharmacy Practice SIG, where I will be involved with projects related to faculty development and increasing student and resident involvement in AACP.

I serve on the NEOMED Pharmacy Dean’s Advisory Council as an appointed member. I am also a member of Phi Lambda Sigma’s Gamma Phi Chapter.

Lastly, I am involved in Lambda Kappa Sigma, an international professional pharmacy fraternity which promotes the advancement of women in the profession of pharmacy. Currently I serve as the president for the Alpha Chi Alumni chapter.

Advanced Training

I am currently completing my PGY2, and I am pursuing an MBA through an online program currently. Also, I have obtained Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy in the first half of the PGY2 year.


The advice that I have received throughout my academic career and through my short professional career thus far that has been most impactful are the following three statements:

  1. Do what you love.
  2. Let your work speak for you.
  3. Give back.
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