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Norman Fenn III

Norm Fenn

PharmD, BCPS

Academia & Ambulatory Care Fellow

Purdue University College of Pharmacy/Family Health Clinic of Carroll County


Reasons for selecting this career path
Pediatrics has always been a passion of mine, so this has been my career direction for some time.  When I was a student, I was also approached by some faculty about considering academia as a career path, which is when I discovered that my interests of pediatrics, research, and teaching could be combined into one job.  I completed a PGY-1 residency at Children’s National Health System, worked for a year predominantly as a NICU pharmacist and researched clinical fellowships that would improve my scholastic skills.  My current role with Purdue offers me an extraordinary opportunity to experience the faculty life while honing my research and teaching abilities and maintaining a clinical practice, ultimately setting me up for my dream career in academia.

Professional Interests
Pediatrics, academia, obesity, research

Interest in the NPF Executive Committee
I’ve served as an advisory group member as a pharmacy student and as a new practitioner, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences gained from these appointments.  The projects we’ve worked on provide many benefits for new practitioners, myself included, and it fueled a desire to serve at the next level.  I’m excited to do so with the NPF Executive Committee, and look forward to seeing all of the incredible work from the advisory groups this coming year.

Benefits of being involved in ASHP as a New Practitioner
I particularly enjoy the New Practitioner programming at the Midyear meeting, the Review and Recertification Reward program, and new practitioner-focused literature from AJHP, such as the New Practitioner Column and the AJHP Resident Edition.

Fun Fact
I’m a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Contact email
[email protected]