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Cindy Jeter

Cindy Jeter

CPhT, B.S.

McKesson Pharmacy Optimization

Springdale, AR

Why I Do What I Do

I wanted a career where I could serve others. I was interested in healthcare but knew nursing wasn’t for me. When I saw an opportunity in pharmacy at my local hospital, I jumped at the chance. I love my job not only for the opportunity to help patients, but I can help my co-workers as well. By being the very best technician that I can be and giving 110% every day, my co-workers are free to perform their best in their prospective positions. I have always felt that if I help at least one other person or make someone else’s job a little easier, then I have had a successful day.

I have been a staff technician, narcotic technician, patient assistance tech, OR Satellite tech, purchasing coordinator, regional purchasing manager, and a supply chain consultant in my 20 years in pharmacy. I have been very blessed to serve in many roles and visit hospitals across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Latest Accomplishment

I recently received an innovation award for my company. There was a competition where we presented our ideas to senior leadership, much like Shark Tank on television. My project was selected and I secured funding for three years. I am developing an online training program for pharmacy purchasing personnel. Currently there is not a Pharmacy Purchasing for Dummies book and very little commercial training for this critical pharmacy position. I am excited to launch this program to support pharmacy purchasers and inventory control managers.

Most Memorable Experience as a Pharmacy Technician

I worked with four hospitals in New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina. After the storm, I had to travel to the sites to facilitate proper disposal of the drugs. It was incredibly sad to process hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory for destruction. The devastation in seeing one of my favorite hospitals abandoned still has a profound effect on me. It broke my heart to know that my friends in pharmacy did not have a job to return to after the storm.  

Why I Became Certified

Certification was part of my hiring condition. I had one year to become certified. I accomplished it in six months. However, even if it was not a requirement of my job, I still would have studied for certification because I feel it is so critical to keeping patients safe.

My Passion Outside of Work

My faith, my family, especially my grandchildren and my husband of 37 years and my fur babies. I have four very spoiled dogs (Stella, Kodi Beth, Gracie, and Mollie). I love to do crafts, scrapbooking, do-it-yourself projects, and decorating. For 2018, I am keeping my Christmas tree up all year and decorating it for the different holidays. So far, I have decorated a Valentine's tree and an Easter tree. May flowers and flip flops are next, followed by a Fourth of July tree.

Latest Book Read

Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust. It is a story about a blind man and his guide dog that made it out of the towers from the 86th floor on 9/11. I am currently reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.

Advice to Up-and-Coming Technicians

It is such a great time to be a pharmacy technician! There are more opportunities to advance your career than ever before in history. Show up to work 110% focused every day. Be mindful of the patient receiving the medication and double- and triple-check to avoid medication errors. Be such a good technician that others naturally follow your leadership and are inspired to do their best just trying to keep up.

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