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Ma. Emmanuelle (Ella) Domingo

Ma Emmanuelle (Ella) Domingo

PharmD Candidate, 2023


Purdue University College of Pharmacy

West Lafayette, IN

Reasons for selecting pharmacy: 

I was interested in health care and education from a young age since my mom was a nurse and my dad was a teacher. Growing up, I enjoyed all my science classes, especially chemistry in high school. We had a family friend who was in pharmacy school at the time who taught me about SOAP notes, patient counseling, and the role of the pharmacist, and I pursued pharmacy ever since. I am inspired by the breadth of opportunities in our profession, as well as the flexibility to find practice areas that align with a wide array of interests. I am thankful for the classes, internships, rotations, and mentors that have solidified my love for pharmacy and our role as medication experts. I look forward to fulfilling my passions for science, human connection, and service through interprofessional collaboration and patient-centered care.

Professional Interests:

internal medicine, infectious disease, cardiology

Interest in the PSF Executive Committee: 

My passion for student leadership and professional development began when I became very involved in my local SSHP chapter as our student council representative and residency document committee member and then chapter president. In addition to local opportunities to promote student development, I became interested in involvement on a national level, so the summer after my P1 year, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as one of the ASHP national association management interns and thoroughly enjoyed the initiatives to develop resources on career and leadership development, practice advancement, and student society development. ASHP does an outstanding job supporting its members and advocating for our profession. I am thankful to be able to serve as this year’s Executive Committee Chair with our amazing team of student leaders and staff, cultivating a culture of collaboration, support, and growth!

How being a member of ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development: 

ASHP has helped me grow exponentially in my personal and professional skills. The summer internship provided a wide range of opportunities to work on projects involving policy work, practice advancement, mentoring, student pharmacist resources, professional writing, Harvey A.K. Whitney lecture discussions, and more. I was able to refine my project management, communication, and networking skills and was thankful to have learned from some of the top leaders in pharmacy. I am also very grateful for all the ASHP mentors I have connected with and keep in contact with for both personal and professional guidance. Serving as last year’s PSFEC Vice Chair further grew my organization, creativity, and teamwork. ASHP provides an abundance of other professional development resources that I have utilized such as their roundtables, podcasts, residency directory, and more, as I prepare for residency and professional organization involvement after graduation.

Goals for the year as a PSFEC Member:

  • Promote a collaborative, supportive, and innovative culture among our PSF members
  • Foster networking opportunities among student pharmacists, new practitioners, and established practitioners
  • Develop resources to enhance students’ professional development and strengthen professional identity
  • Create awareness of the importance of professional organization involvement for student pharmacists

Fun Fact: 

Music is a huge part of my life, and I have been singing since I was two and playing instruments since I was five. I’ve been hired to sing and play piano at weddings since high school, and it’s one of my favorite things to do!

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