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Caitlin Williams

Caitlin Williams

PharmD Candidate, 2023


University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Savannah, GA

Reasons for selecting pharmacy:

I was first introduced to the profession of pharmacy as a young child reflecting on the many careers of my now late grandmother. When I came across a name badge that read “Pharmacy Technician” from her time working at a small independent pharmacy in the 1970s, I was told countless stories of the inspirational pharmacists she worked with during her many years there. After entering high school and diving deeper into what the profession could now entail, I knew that I wanted to pursue it wholeheartedly. I was excited to explore the pharmacologic components of medicine while also advocating for patient-centered care. Furthermore, I was incredibly fortunate to have many opportunities and mentors along the way to solidify my passion for pharmacy. Today, as a fourth-year pharmacy student, I keep my grandmother’s name badge pinned to the inside of my white coat as a constant reminder of what started my journey to become the pharmacist I now aspire to be.

Professional Interests: 

  • Internal Medicine
  • Critical Care
  • Academia
  • Infectious Disease

Interest in the PSF Executive Committee:

I initially became involved with the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum as a second-year pharmacy student looking to gain experience collaborating with members on a national level. After contributing directly to the Advisory Groups for two years as a PSF member, I discovered a passion for professional development and the advancement of pharmacy practice. While approaching my fourth year as a student, I knew that I was interested in serving ASHP in a larger capacity for my final term. The Executive Committee provides an opportunity to advocate for the enhancement of our ASHP resources while also further developing my leadership skills. I look forward to seeing the growth of both myself and ASHP this year and am honored to be serving the organization in this role.

How being a member of ASHP has assisted in my personal and professional development:

Being involved with this organization has tremendously impacted the development of my personal and professional skills, serving as a large contributor to the student leader that I am today. My active engagement with ASHP has given me invaluable opportunities to strengthen my leadership abilities, provide networking opportunities, and continue to support my aspirations in both my personal career and the advancement of the profession. Additionally, the resources that I have had access to as an ASHP member have been innumerable, such as the CV Review Program, the residency directory, and the many career development resources, helping me prepare for residency and further involvement with the organization after graduation.

Goals for the year as a PSFEC Member:

  • Promote new and existing ASHP resources to foster students’ professional development
  • Advocate for the advancement of pharmacy practice through active participation in ASHP initiatives
  • Inspire student pharmacists to become involved with ASHP on the local, state, and national levels

Fun Fact: 

I studied abroad with an emphasis in Global Healthcare in Budapest, Hungary and Amsterdam, Netherlands!

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