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Victoria Grusauskas

Victoria Grusauskas

Pharm.D. Candidate, 2022


University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Jacksonville, FL

When did you first join ASHP?

I first learned of ASHP while working closely with my state affiliate, Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists(FSHP). FSHP provides an opportunity for students to promote the advancement of pharmacy by being involved with current legislation. Working side-by-side with leaders in both national and state entities, students can be directly involved with regulatory policy development. Almost all policy makers know about the pharmacy profession due to visiting their local drug store, however as a pharmacy student, it is possible to inform local policy makers on the importance of pharmacy personnel, and how certain laws and regulations can help optimize patient care. 

In 2019, I had the opportunity to discuss Florida’s House Bill 389 with my local legislator which would give pharmacists the ability to test and treat influenza & streptococcus under a supervising physician. By relating how a pharmacist’s role could decrease the spread of the flu in local urgent care centers and increase access to Tamiflu, it was easy for the legislator to acknowledge the value of a pharmacist, thus envisioning a future with better patient outcomes. 

I joined ASHP in hope to better myself, and to help encourage my student peers to make an appointment with their local legislators and increase community awareness of pharmacists influence on safe medication use.

What is your current involvement with the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum (i.e. advisory group or executive committee appointment)?

I am currently serve as Chair of the Pharmacy Student Forum Residency Preparation Advisory Group.

What is your favorite part of your ASHP student membership? What has been most beneficial about being a student member of ASHP?

The ASHP service I have utilized the most has been ASHP's CV Review Program. Each year, I have had reviewers who provide quality feedback based on my intentions for the year. In addition, ASHP provides many opportunities for students to practice and develop their leadership skills through the ASHP Clinical Skills Competition, Pharmacy Student Forum, and ASHP Summer Internship.

What is your favorite memory from an ASHP event, project, or program?

One of my favorite programs available to ASHP students is the ASHP Guided Mentorship Program. Over the past few weeks I've had the pleasure meeting with my selected mentor and it has been such a rewarding experience! ASHP provides students with a helpful webinar to get started, a checklist to prepare for meetings with your mentor, and an extensive Guided Mentorship Program Resource Library for any additional information you might need. In addition, ASHP reaches out twice a month with helpful tips and tricks to aid thoughtful discussion with your mentor. To date, I have had engaging and fulfilling conversation with my mentor, and we were even matched based on our shared interests. I am very thankful for all the time spent learning from my mentor, and thank you to ASHP for providing such a valuable experience!

What advice do you have for pharmacy students seeking to become involved in national organizations?

Don't be afraid to reach out! ASHP has excellent online resources- explore different areas of pharmacy you might be interested in, then get in touch with someone in that field.

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