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Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Maryland Society of Health System Pharmacists

Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Baltimore, MD

Best Practice: Student and Resident Membership Involvement and Membership 

Primary Intended Outcome(s)

  • The Emerging Practitioners committee was created to bring residents and students together to foster active engagement and leadership within the organization.
  • Involvement in the committee enhances resident and student participation within the organization, by providing opportunities to work with pharmacy leaders in Maryland.
  • Students and residents work together throughout the year to cultivate project
    management and leadership skills, foster MSHP involvement, and recognize excellence in precepting/mentorship.

About Our Event/Service

The Emerging Practitioners Committee is composed of approximately 20 active members, headed by a resident and student who serve as co-chairs. The committee is responsible for hosting many MSHP events throughout the year. During the fall, the committee hosts the new resident and fellow welcome event, which serves as an introduction to MSHP and the opportunities active membership can provide. It is a great way for residents and fellows to network with their peers and MSHP leaders. Committee members organize activities, arrange catering, and invite guest speakers to provide information regarding MSHP involvement opportunities and leadership development.

Our largest event is the annual MSHP Fall Seminar and Residency Showcase. The showcase hosts residency programs from Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia for prospective pharmacy residents to learn more about the programs in these areas. Last year, 18 residency programs participated in our showcase. This event is great for students who plan to complete residencies in the mid-Atlantic region and cannot go to Midyear, as it allows them to speak to representatives from many residency programs in the region. In addition to the showcase, students attend educational programming to learn about preparation skills for the residency application and interview process, and improve their chances for the Match. Specific programming focuses on navigation of PhORCAS, the ASHP Midyear Residency Showcase, a roundtable with residency program directors, and a workshop where students can receive feedback from residents and experienced clinical pharmacists to assist in creating an exceptional curriculum vitae. Residents are able to give back by providing suggestions and tips to students to adequately prepare for the residency application and interview process. In addition to events for students, pharmacists from Maryland and the surrounding states are also invited to come to a fantastic weekend of continuing education courses.

The student-and-resident-developed Mentorship Program pairs students with pharmacists who have similar interests and backgrounds, in order to foster an environment of enrichment and encouragement for students to pursue careers in health-system pharmacy. The program runs in the fall and spring semesters. During the fall semester, mentors are recruited through MSHP Weekly e-mails and the Emerging Practitioners Committee. Once mentors are recruited, students submit applications relaying their areas of interest and why they would benefit from the program. Student liaisons and the Student Chair of the Emerging Practitioners Committee then work together to match mentors and mentees who have similar interests and goals. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to stay connected throughout the year, either through e-mails, telephone, or in person. In the spring, a Mentorship Mixer is hosted for participants of the program. Students who have participated in the past credit the program for connecting them with pharmacists in their area(s) of interest, and helping them further develop networking skills.

A new student Leadership Fair was created for local summer pharmacy interns and students in the Baltimore area on their advance pharmacy practice experiences. The opening presentation on mentors and networking was given by Daniel Ashby, Chief Pharmacy Officer at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The workshop consisted of six 20-minute sessions presented by summer interns on leadership activities they were involved in at their institutions. For example, three interns from three different institutions discussed medication/safety education programs they conducted for elementary, middle school, and college age students. During lunch, students were able to network with pharmacy leaders in Maryland who were also present at the workshop. After lunch, students enjoyed one-hour presentations by Cynthia Boyle, interim dean at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Steven Sheaffer, Vice Chair of Experiential Education at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, on topics of being a leader with a purpose and how to pursue health-system pharmacy careers, respectively. A social gathering was also arranged for the students and pharmacy leaders in the evening. Students who attended the workshop enjoyed meeting and networking with students and pharmacists from the area, and learning more about how to advocate for the future of pharmacy. Due to the tremendous success and positive feedback, this event will become an annual staple for students.

Lastly, the Emerging Practitioners Committee is also charged with coordinating MSHP’s Preceptor of the Year Award. The Preceptor of the Year Award is designed to honor MSHP members who have made significant contributions to the training and education of students and residents. The nominee must be an active member of MSHP in good standing, and practicing in a hospital or health system. The award is given to the nominee who provides preceptorship to a diverse group of learners, encourages their trainees to pursue independent learning and growth, and clearly demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring. The recipient of the award is recognized at the annual new resident and fellow welcome event.

Key Elements for Success

  • Early recruitment - As anyone who has gone through pharmacy school or residency training knows, the fall can quickly become a busy time for students and residents. Actively recruiting for our committee in August and September has helped increase the number of members. The resident chair often recruits through email lists and through personal interactions at different program sites. Faculty members from local universities are also instrumental in informing students about the benefits membership will provide. Moreover, MSHP membership is automatically included in SSHP membership fees. This simplifies registration for students and has been key in increasing the number of student members.
  • Keep workload manageable - With the increasing participation in our committee, our ability to form subcommittees with enough participants allows everyone to be involved yet not overwhelmed. Our committee understands that teamwork allows us all to achieve our goal efficiently and enjoy what we do. We have created a subcommittee for each event we develop to achieve this goal.

How Promoted to Members

  • The student co-chair is responsible for relaying the details of student programming to the liaisons elected by each pharmacy school in Maryland. The liaisons promote the activities to their respective student body through e-mail and monthly General Body Meetings.
  • The resident chair of the committee begins recruiting early in the training year by contacting residents from local programs, provides a description of the committee activities they can become involved in, and how participation can help prepare them for future involvement in state or national pharmacy organizations.

Tools and Resources Used

  • Personnel: The Emerging Practitioners Committee is currently chaired by 2 (one resident and one student) members, with a goal of at least 15 members annually.
  • Marketing: All events are promoted in the weekly newsletter emailed to all members of MSHP. Liaisons, from each school in the state, are also responsible for recruiting participants through their respective school membership drives.
  • Return on Investment: MSHP events throughout the year are either free or reduced-fee for students encouraging more students to sign up for membership. MSHP has a strategic goal of engaging students to increase member retention post-graduation.

Outcomes/What Will Change?

  • Improved student preparation for residency training
  • Development of mentorship skills for new practitioners
  • Facilitate networking between emerging leaders and established leaders
  • Foster life-long professional membership engagement

Suggestions for Other State Affiliates

Students and residents are great membership resources which ASHP state affiliates can utilize to enhance programming and active participation with various different committees. Frequent and early interaction with key members of the organization is pivotal for students and residents to feel welcome and accepted into the membership. It is important that these members have meaningful interaction and input regarding the future planning of the organization as many will continue their membership and will ultimately aspire for leadership positions within the organization.

We encourage ASHP state affiliates to communicate with each other to identify activities and initiatives that have successfully enhanced student and resident participation. New and different ideas have the great potential to foster exciting new changes for all.

Previously, the student and resident committees functioned as separate entities.  Combining the groups created synergy and fostered mentorship between the resident and student co-chairs.

Future Plans and Goals

This coming year we plan to highlight student and resident achievements with the following:

  • Publication focused on successful research and educational projects
  • Creating a resident developed education program aimed at preparing students for future careers
  • Producing two student clinical pearl videos on preparing for advanced pharmacy practice experiences

These activities are intended to enhance welcoming of students within the organization and allow residents to lead educational programming development.

Contact Information

Ryan D’Angelo, PharmD, PGY-2 Pharmacotherapy Resident (Chair)
Emerging Practitioner Committee
University of Maryland
20 N. Pine St S436
Baltimore, MD 21201

Jeanne Do, PharmD Candidate (Co-Chair)
Emerging Practitioner Committee
University of Maryland
Class of 2016


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