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New York City Society of Health-System Pharmacists

New York City Society of Health System Pharmacists

New York City Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Primary Intended Outcome(s)

  1. Increasing involvement of recent graduates and residents in chapter events and encourage them to seek leadership positions in the organization.
  2. Inspire new practitioners’ lifelong involvement in professional organizations and professional development.

About Our Event/Service

A new committee was created with the purpose of specifically addressing the educational and professional needs of new practitioner members (first 5 years post-graduation) in the chapter’s event programming. A total of 5 networking programs, 2 continuing educations programs and 1 community service event were organized. An NPC survey was conducted early in September 2016 and results showed leadership and professional development programs were rated with highest interest levels.

The educational programming topics included professional leadership, navigating diabetes guidelines, and the role of pharmacists in population health. The networking events included informal happy hours and dinner programs. The committee also spearheaded the chapter’s involvement in the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Walk, which raised over $2100 for cancer research.

Key Elements for Success

  1. Address the needs of new practitioners in educational programming.
  2. Provide formal and informal networking opportunities.
  3. Utilize social media communication outlets for event promotion.

How Promoted to Members

Social media outlets were heavily utilized in member communication. The NPC Facebook post reached on average 650 individuals per post.

Tools and Resources Used

Personnel: The NPC event attendance consisted of 60% pharmacy residents, 30% clinical pharmacists, and 10% staff pharmacists. Students were heavily involved in community service events.

Marketing: The events were sent via email and posted on social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram). Events were also announced at NYCSHP general chapter meetings.

Supply Expense:  1000 dollar budget allocated for NYCSHP New Practitioner Committee

Return on Investment:  New practitioner member involvement in the chapter increased. Targeted programming will likely encourage new practitioners to renew membership.  

Outcomes/What Will Change?

  1. A total of 5 networking programs, 2 continuing educations programs and 1 community service event were organized. The majority of new practitioners agreed that the programs addressed their needs as a new practitioner.
  2. The NPC Facebook post reached on average 650 individuals per post, while the Instagram page @nycshpnewpractitioners received over 80 new followers.
  3. Four NPC members sought leadership positions within NYCSHP during the 2017 elections.

Other Considerations  

A focused committee providing guided programs to new practitioners allows for greater involvement in the chapter. A survey at the beginning of the year is a recommended tool for assessing member interests in programming and educational topics. Networking programs targeting new practitioners can provide an opportunity for professional development and collaboration with seasoned practitioners of the society, but they need to be carefully planned to ensure adequate turnout. The committee also encouraged new practitioners to present ACPE-accredited continuing education programs, which was viewed positively by members.

Suggestions for Other State Affiliates

NPC should serve as a model for facilitating greater involvement of new members in the NYSCHP programs and leadership. Continuous re-evaluation of programming in addressing new practitioners’ needs will improve the involvement of new practitioners in the chapter. Utilizing social media for communication will increase chapter’s reach.

Future Plans and Goals

The committee will continue organizing educational programs and networking events that address the needs of new practitioners. Two new co-chairs were elected to lead the committee into the next academic year.  Limiting committee leadership terms to one year will encourage other members to take ownership of the committee’s events while providing a great gateway into leading a committee at a professional organization. The goals for next year are to sustain the committee’s membership growth and create more informal networking opportunities. A meet and greet for new resident members in the chapter is being planned. The former co-chairs will seek to strengthen collaboration with the state society’s New Practitioner Forum.

Helpful References

  1. New Practitioner Forum. ASHP.

Contact Information

NYCSHP New Practitioners Committee Co-Chairs

Harshal Shukla, Pharm.D., BCPS
Montefiore Medical Center – Einstein Division
1825 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY, 10461

Pavel Goriacko, Pharm.D., M.P.H.
Montefiore Medical Center – Wakefield Division
600 E 233rd St Bronx, NY, 10466


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