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Rhode Island Pharmacy Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Rhode Island Pharmacy Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Providence, RI

Best Practice: Future of Pharmacy Showcase

RISHP demonstrated leadership with its Future of Pharmacy Showcase. The Showcase started in 2004 as a three credit event for pharmacists and technicians. It was also our Annual Business Meeting for the state where we would vote for the new slate of officers and delegates for ASHP House of Delegates. An ASHP representative would also attend to provide the membership with the latest national news.

All of the presenters were employed within the state and discussed various topics from their institutions. These topics were arranged in conjunction with the 2015 Initiatives.
This would allow for the attendees to see how other pharmacy health systems were meeting these Initiatives in various ways. It would also provide an avenue for others to create similar programs for their practice sites. As a result, the Showcase provided a means for our members to feel that they are accomplishing and or meeting these standards versus feeling they were suggestions that could not be reached.

Based on attendees’ feedback, the event was expanded to a four credit event. In addition, in 2013, the arrangement of topics was changed to reflect the change from the 2015 Initiatives to PPMI’s five core areas of core team integration, leveraging pharmacy technicians, pharmacist credentialing and training, technology, and leadership in medication use. As a result, the attendees would now be able to see how their practice could be correlated to the PPMI goals for pharmacy practice.

Primary Intended Outcome(s)

  1. The Showcase was created to increase our membership’s awareness of how their work was helping to meet the 2015 Initiatives and later the PPMI elements.
  2. It would provide practitioners within the state with an annual avenue to showcase their department’s programs both clinically and operationally.
  3. It was designed to be our annual meeting as well so that the membership could facilitate the business process of RISHP, complete the election process, and obtain continuing education credits as well.
  4. The membership and/or attendees have the opportunity to hear the latest information from ASHP.
  5. Provide the membership with the chance to interact with those pharmaceutical companies who were also sponsors for the event.
  6. It was intended to become our biggest meeting of the year for RISHP.

About Our Event/Service

This event was a combination of continuing education coupled with the opportunity to meet with those pharmaceutical companies who were sponsors. We were able to use a hotel located within the middle of our state that has two adjoining rooms. We held the presentations and business in one room and the company displays and breakfast would be in the other. During registration and mid-morning break, the attendees would be able to interact with the sales representatives.

We have routinely used the first Saturday morning in November to hold this event and it has become a standard date on our CE planning calendar. This has also facilitated the process with planning for the companies’ participation as well. It also fits nicely with RISHP’s yearly calendar of events – election, business items, and House of Delegate selection.

Another benefit of the Showcase is the continuing education credits provided for both pharmacists and technicians. Since Rhode Island requires a certain amount of our credits to be “live” our membership can count on this date and plan accordingly.

Key Elements for Success

  1. Short presentations
  2. Multiple topics – clinical, operational, case studies, etc. by pharmacists and technicians
  3. Student involvement with the University of Rhode Island
  4. Supported by the Pharmacy Directors and Clinical Coordinators of the hospitals within our state

How Promoted to Members

Initially the event was promoted via mailed meeting notifications. There were also verbal announcements by the Clinical Coordinators at their meetings, Pharmacy Directors to their staffs, other RISHP CE events and RISHP Board Meetings. Over time, the membership has become aware that it has become a standard of the first Saturday morning in November.

With the emergence of our website and the evolvement of the electronics, the notifications are now sent to the membership via email. An electronic version of the notice is also posted at most institutions for those staff members who are not members. However, the word of mouth is still quite active at spreading the reminder.

Tools and Resources Used

Personnel: Currently, the Showcase is chaired by the Board Member for Professional Development with a committee of about five.

Marketing: As mentioned above. We also highlight who the ASHP attendee will be and the topic that they will be discussing. In addition, during the last few years, there has been a prize given to an attendee who is chosen from the “pot” of attendees that has seen the designated number of sales reps.

Supply Expense: With the evolution to electronic notification, the expenses for the event are minimal. The only expense of the room and food is covered by the income generated by the table display charge or official sponsor fee(s) collected from the pharmaceutical companies.

Return on Investment: RISHP does benefit financially from this event and the balance of these funds to help support other CE events.

Outcomes/What Will Change?

  1. The evaluation forms are reviewed every year for areas of improvement. As mentioned earlier, the program did expand from 3 credits to 4 credits. Discussion has occurred around expanding to 5 credits but that resulted in major room and planning issues that could adversely affect it financially.
  2. Historically, the evaluations have been very good and there has not been any desire expressed to change the current format.

Other Considerations

  1. With the advent on new residency positions within the state, the possibility of having a resident do a presentation has arisen.

Suggestions for Other State Affiliates

The Showcase has provided a nice venue for the different hospital/health system sites to meet and present various programs that they have within their institutions. It makes for an enjoyable morning of the sharing of ideas and allows for questions and answers directed at the how to for things that were accomplished. As a result, it allows the attendees to see how the services they do provide, would like to provide, and hope to provide can be done in conjunction with the national standards that exist.

Contact Information

Martha J. Roberts, Pharm.D.
(Prior: RISHP President and Showcase Chair for 5 years)
Lead Clinical Pharmacist
Our Lady of Fatima Hospital
200 High Service Avenue
No. Providence, RI 02904

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