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Ben Modrell

Ben Modrell


PGY2 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident

CoxHealth, Springfield, MO

His Story

Dr. Modrell received his PharmD from Drake University in 2019. In addition to obtaining his PharmD, he also completed a concentration in diabetes. He completed his PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at Ascension St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee, WI. Currently, he is working as a PGY2 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Resident at CoxHealth in Springfield, MO.


CoxHealth is a private, not-for-profit health system in Springfield, MO. There are 80+ physician clinics in the region, where PGY2 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Residents are able rotate through and experience a variety of services and specialties.

Recent Significant Projects

My yearlong research project this year consists of evaluating the clinical and financial impact of pharmacist-led hypertensive management. Along with this project, my co-residents and I are working on a business plan project to show the impact of ambulatory care pharmacists in the clinic setting with the goal of creating new positions. During my PGY1 year, my yearlong research project revolved around the optimization of a DKA order-set.

Initial Involvement in ASHP

SACP Section Advisory Group on Pharmacotherapy

Why did you become involved in ASHP? 

As a new practitioner, I decided to become involved in ASHP as a way of networking and to be a building block for future leadership opportunities. I did not want to just become a “member,” but instead wanted to be an “involved member.” This is a great way for me to get my foot in the door and explore where I can be impactful within this organization.

Advice for Someone New to Specialty Area

For those who are interested in pursuing an ambulatory care specialty, I recommend building both professional and personal rapport with your patients and clinic staff. From my experience, building that initial personal connection has hoisted my role and use as a professional in the clinic. Staff members are more open to approach me with questions or consults if they are able to connect with me on a personal level. Same goes for patients, as they seem to be more accepting of my professional recommendations once I have connected with them on a personal level.

How would you explain the value of ASHP to a friend or colleague?

ASHP is a large network of like-minded pharmacists who are all working on the same goal: to advance healthcare. This network has a large subset of specialties that touches on areas where pharmacists are integrated in the healthcare field. The organization allows pharmacists to be involved in areas where they are passionate, ultimately driving the advancement of pharmacy one step at a time.

What is the value of ASHP for the profession?

ASHP is an organization that serves as a building block for the advancement of pharmacy. This particular organization strives to advance healthcare by providing pharmacy practitioners practice resources, professional development tools, and by advocating for the profession of pharmacy.

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Ambulatory Care Practitioner

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