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Doug Meyer

Doug Meyer

B.S.Pharm., M.B.A., BCNSP

Medication Safety Officer

Legacy Health

Portland, OR

Doug’s Story

Doug Meyer, B.S.Pharm., M.B.A., BCNSP, earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy and completed the Clinical Pharmacy Residency at Meriter Hospital, in Madison, Wisconsin. His Master in Business Administration was earned from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Business. Additionally, Mr. Meyer has a Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist (BCNSP) Certification.

Mr. Meyer is an active member of Section Advisory Group Advancing Pharmacy Practice with Technicians (APPT). Last year, the group did some great work in a variety of areas that help to promote technician roles, which can give pharmacists more time to focus on other clinical functions. Mr. Meyer is looking forward to what the team will work on next year.


Legacy Health is a local six-hospital system in Portland Oregon and Vancouver, WA. Legacy includes community hospitals, a children’s hospital and urban locations which include trauma and burn facilities. Average daily census across the system is 750-800 patients per day. Legacy Health also has an extensive ambulatory clinic network. Currently there are three PGY1 residents and a new two-resident Transitions of Care PGY2 program.

Significant Projects

As the medication safety officer for the system, Mr. Meyer is involved with many projects that impact safe medication use systems and processes. He has led teams that created a new NIOSH-compliant hazardous drug handling policy, an adult TPN dosing protocol, and an extensive education program on Just Culture to pharmacy staff across the system. He is working to develop a formal second victim, peer support program in the pharmacy department for staff impacted by medication events that reach the patient.

Mr. Meyer is also very involved with medication event reporting, high alert/look alike, sound alike medications, Just Culture, USP797 and USP800, residency precepting, and is adjunct faculty at Pacific University School of Pharmacy.

Advice for Someone New to Your Specialty Area

“There are great resources available for medication-safety focused pharmacists, and you don’t have to have an official title to have an interest in this area. We are all focused on making our processes safe for our patients! Subscribe to the ASHP Connect Medication Safety Community to keep on top of the issues we are all working on related to safety and take advantage of ISMP newsletters if your organization has access to these.”

Involvement in ASHP

“My first Midyear Clinical Meeting as a student (in Dallas!) opened my eyes to the opportunities and resources that being a member of ASHP offers. The resources and connections are invaluable. I also strongly believe that it is our responsibility as pharmacy professionals to be actively involved in our professional organizations to advocate for the future of our profession. I had strong mentors as a resident who helped instill this pride of professionalism into my personal philosophies.”

ASHP’s Value to Members

“I love to network with other individuals working on similar projects to share ideas. ASHP helps you link with others either online or at conferences to build your network of pharmacist colleagues. We work for different organizations, but all have similar goals for the advancement of our profession and safe, effective medication use. ASHP lets us share with each other to work towards those goals.”

“ASHP is an important voice for all of us at the local and national level. The advocacy for the profession of pharmacy must be strong for us to continue to move forward as one. We continue to make strides and that would not happen without ASHP.”

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