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Hesham Mourad

Hesham Mourad


Pharmacy Informatics Team Leader

Mayo Clinic

Jacksonville, FL

Hesham's Story

Dr. Mourad is the Pharmacy Informatics Team Leader at the Mayo Clinic Florida campus and an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He graduated from Damascus University with a B.S.Pharm, then obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Purdue University. He subsequently completed a PGY-1 in Pharmacy Practice at the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center in Kentucky, also obtained a teaching certificate through the University of Kentucky Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Certificate Program. Subsequently he accepted a position as a clinical pharmacist at the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center where he spent the majority of his time following patients in the Critical Care Unit. After working for two years as a clinical pharmacist, Dr. Mourad successfully completed a PGY-2 Pharmacy Informatics residency with Indiana University Health. He then joined Mayo Clinic Florida as an informatics pharmacist. Recently, Dr. Mourad was promoted to his current position. Dr. Mourad is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Board Certified Critical Care Pharmacist and Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems.

Dr. Mourad has been a member of ASHP since 2011. He served on the Clinical Information Systems Section Advisory Group for the last three years. This year he will be serving on the Clinical Application Section Advisory Group.

Facility/Health System

Mayo Clinic in Florida is an academic medical center located in Jacksonville. The 304-bed Hospital combines the best modern technology with quality patient care. Medical, surgical and research staff represent more than 40 medical and surgical specialties. Additionally, Mayo Clinic has major hospitals located in Rochester and Arizona and the Mayo Clinic Health System includes hospitals located throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Significant Projects

As the pharmacy informatics team lead, Dr. Mourad has been involved in multiple technology related projects. With the help of his invaluable pharmacy informatics team, Dr. Mourad finished upgrading automated dispensing cabinets to a newer platform and a phase 2 implementation of Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) in multiple units throughout the hospital. Recently, Dr. Mourad while working with a multidisciplinary team finished a project to upgrade the smart infusion pumps and update the drug library associated with the pumps. All these projects required rigorous testing, workflow re-evaluation and extensive education before implementation.

Advice for Someone New to Your Specialty Area

“During the busy work of pharmacy informatics, we should never lose sight that we are pharmacists and our main role is to leverage the use of technology to improve medication use system and patient care as a whole.”

“Get involved with one of the Section Advisory Groups, where you will be able to build a professional network and give back to the profession.”

“Communication with other teams is vital to achieve successful implementation of any new technology solution.”

Initial Involvement in ASHP

The more involved in pharmacy practice he became, the more he realized the role that ASHP plays in advancing practice. ASHP leads the way for setting practice standards, exploring and supporting new frontiers for pharmacy practice.

Value of ASHP

“ASHP as a community, provides us the opportunity to create and maintain an invaluable professional network.”

“Through its invaluable work; ASHP is setting high standards for pharmacy practice, advocating pharmacists as an integral part of a multidisciplinary healthcare delivery team, and proposing solutions to the daily challenges that we face as a profession.”

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