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Milena McLaughlin

Milena McLaughlin


Assistant Professor/HIV/ID Clinical Pharmacist

Midwestern University/Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Chicago, IL

Milena's Story

 Dr. Milena McLaughlin completed her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2009 at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and her Master of Science in Clinical Investigation at Northwestern University in 2013. Her post-graduate training consisted of a PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY and an Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Fellowship at Midwestern University/Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She is also a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist with added qualifications in Infectious Diseases and an American Academy of HIV Medicine HIV Pharmacist.

Dr. McLaughlin is currently a member of the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology SAG on Ambulatory Care Informatics.

Facility/Health System

 Northwestern Medicine Infectious Diseases Clinic currently has over one thousand active patients that are treated for a spectrum of infectious diseases with the predominant patient population being treated for HIV. In addition, the majority of HIV-infected patients also receive their primary care for other chronic diseases at this site. The clinic is a multi-disciplinary setting composed of infectious diseases fellows, attending physicians, nurses, social workers, and a pharmacist team. This is an optimal setting for pharmacists to work as part of a collaborative team to provide patient care.

Significant Projects

 Dr. McLaughlin has been involved in the dissemination of information regarding the ongoing issue of drug shortages. She has also completed several projects relevant to HIV and hepatitis C pharmacotherapy and access to these medications. 

Advice for Someone New to Your Specialty Area

 "My biggest piece of advice would be to get to know the rest of your team and how you can help! It is important to get to know your team on multiple levels to fully integrate and be truly supportive. I would also suggest networking both on a local and national level."

Initial Involvement in ASHP

"I became involved with ASHP because I felt that I would be able to learn from other pharmacists on a national level as well as provide my own experiences in order to broaden my own knowledge and push the pharmacy profession forward." 

Value of ASHP

"It is important to be involved with the pharmacy profession both in your daily work experiences (e.g. precepting) and on a more global level (e.g. political advocacy) and ASHP offers resources to be able to accomplish both of these goals."

"ASHP has clear goals to advance the profession and seeks out inter-organizational collaborations when needed to accomplish these goals."

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