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Brent Thompson

Brent Thompson

Pharm.D., M.B.A.

Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Lipcomb University College of Pharmacy

Nashville, TN

About my pharmacy practice journey, education, and key accomplishments:

Dr. Brent Thompson received his Pharm.D. degree from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2010. While initially practicing in the community pharmacy setting, he later served in an institutional pharmacy leadership role after obtaining his MBA from Winston Salem State University. He also served as a clinical applications analyst in pharmacy informatics before moving to a full-time academia position with Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy in Nashville, TN.

Current employment, practice, and academic responsibilities:

Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy is a private, Christian university in Nashville, TN, where Dr. Thompson serves as an assistant professor of pharmacy practice. Dr. Thompson is also the program director for the dual Pharm.D. - Master of Management in Healthcare degree offered by Lipscomb College of Pharmacy. In his current role, Dr. Thompson is responsible for coordinating, developing, and delivering curriculum specifically around pharmacy management practices in both institutional and community settings.

Significant projects and accomplishments:

One recent project Dr. Thompson has been involved with is the creation of a Directed Work Experience program for the dual Pharm.D. - Master of Management in Healthcare students. This Directed Work Experience pairs his dual-degree students with pharmacists in leadership positions at a large academic medical center in order to educate students on the various ways pharmacists can serve as leaders for our profession.

Professional involvement with ASHP. What has been your ASHP journey?

While serving in a Clinical Operations Coordinator role, Dr. Thompson had his first, real exposure to ASHP via the National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference in Washington, DC in 2016. Since that time, Dr. Thompson has also enjoyed taking part in ASHP's Conference for Pharmacy Leaders, as well as enjoying the many resources, offerings, and programs ASHP makes available to its members each year.

Share your thoughts on ASHP’s value as a professional organization in contributing to the education of the pharmacy workforce? What do you think are some key success, resources, and opportunities?

I believe that ASHP does a tremendous job at providing opportunities for pharmacists who have clinical, administrative, and/or teaching responsibilities. By providing conferences and resources for pharmacy preceptors, ASHP allows pharmacists to hone their existing preceptor skills. This type of professional development not only makes us better as preceptors, but it also generates better students who will eventually go out and serve our patients.

What advice would you provide for individuals new to your area of expertise?

Educating future pharmacists is no easy task, therefore choosing a mentor in your field is of utmost importance to give you guidance along the way.


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