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Tim Brown

Tim Brown


Director, Interprofessional Education and Professor

University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Athens, GA

About my pharmacy practice journey, education, and key accompishments:

Dr. Tim Brown is the Director of Interprofessional Education for the University of Georgia’s (UGA) College of Pharmacy and a Professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology for Augusta University Medical College of Georgia and UGA Partnership. Dr. Brown received his doctorate from Campbell University School of Pharmacy and completed residency training at the Medical College of Virginia. In his past role he was a preceptor for pharmacy and medical students from across the country. Dr. Brown was the first pharmacist to be awarded Professor status at Northeast Ohio Medical University. In 2018, he was named the Ohio Health-System Pharmacist of the Year and received the Cleveland Clinic Akron General Graduate Medical Education Leader of the year award. He was also recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians as the 2017 Outstanding Faculty for Live Activities. Brown is a past board member of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists and was recognized nationally as a leader within Ambulatory Care by this organization.

Current employment, practice, and academic responsibilities:

Dr. Brown is the current Director of Interprofessional Education for the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy and a Professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology for Augusta University Medical College of Georgia and UGA Partnership. In his current role, Dr. Brown brings innovative interprofessional experiences to the pharmacy curriculum by building partnerships with other educational programs such as healthcare practitioners, information technology, finance, and business programs. Dr. Brown also teaches clinical pharmacy practice to medical students and serves as course coordinator for medical and pharmacy student simulation experiences. This is a shared position created by UGA College of Pharmacy to build relationships with other healthcare professionals to strengthen the experience of both medical and pharmacy students.

Significant projects and accomplishments:

  1. Co-edited two books designed to assist pharmacists in building a successful Ambulatory Care Practice model
  2. Ohio Healthsystem Pharmacist of the year
  3. Akron General Cleveland Clinic Medical Educator of the Year Award

Professional involvement with ASHP. What has been your ASHP journey?

During growth of ambulatory care I was asked to work with practitioners from around the country to initiate programming for this type of model. This led to work on Section Advisory Groups (SAGs) and eventually being elected to Section of Ambulatory Care Practitioner Executive Committee, serving as Director-at-Large then Chair. From this involvement led to being elected to ASHP Board of Directors and working with other officials to strengthen the organization. During this time he co-edited two books for ASHP as well as presented around the country on Resilience in the Workplace as well as a myriad of other topics. Dr. Brown is currently Director-at-Large of the inaugural Section of Pharmacy Educators Executive Committee.

Share your thoughts on ASHP’s value as a professional organization in contributing to the education of the pharmacy workforce? What do you think are some key success, resources, and opportunities?

ASHP has been the leader in establishing a professional home that speaks to the diversity of pharmacy practice. Pharmacists are no longer on one career path and by expanding services, opportunities for involvement, and recruiting a diverse membership ASHP is able to program educational activities that speak to the profession as a whole. This new Section of Pharmacy Educators is an example of another move to expand the organization to more inclusive but also have an impact on generations of pharmacists to come by impacting the faculty that will mold these learners.

What advice would you provide for individuals new to your area of expertise?

"To be an educator you must always be a student." As an educator I find that I am always reading, challenging myself to stay current with technology, practice guidelines, and innovative ways to engage learners. You cannot teach others unless you continue to teach yourself.

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