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Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Vermont Campus)

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Vermont Campus

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Vermont Campus)

Colcester, VT

About Our Professional Development Project

Our SSHP organized and hosted a community wellness fair, which was a collaboration of 25 different organizations from ACPHS and the local Colchester community. These organizations promoted health through activities such as blood pressure screening, blood glucose screening, vision screening and smoking cessation education.

What Strategic Plan Item Did the Project Support?

Promote pharmacists as the health care professionals who are accountable for medication-therapy outcomes of patients. Ensure that pharmacists are leaders in implementing all medication-related changes to the health care delivery system.

Where and When Was the Project Held?

The fair was held at the local high school in Colchester, Vermont on October 23, 2015.

How Many Patients Were Impacted or Exposed to Your Project?

Over 200 guests attended the fair.

Describe Your Collaboration with Your State Health-System Pharmacy Organization to Implement This Project.

State affiliate representatives attended the fair; however they were not involved in the planning of the fair.

Will Your SSHP Repeat This Project Next Year? If So, What Aspects Will You Keep the Same? Change?

Our SSHP will organize and participate in the wellness fair in the upcoming years. The one major aspect we will keep the same is the collaboration of various organizations, so that we can host a fair that encompasses all aspects of health. During this year’s fair ACPHS’s multicultural dance club collaborated with the local fitness facility, The Edge, to demonstrate Zumba. The Outdoors club served “cycle-powered” smoothies, Colleges Against Cancer provided smoking cessation information, and IPhO educated on determining the difference between candy and medicine. Community health care providers also teamed up to provide education in the areas of dental care, eye care, immunization advocacy, and acupuncture. In the future, the SSHP may want to use this event as an opportunity to educate the public on the role of health systems pharmacists. The public tends to only view pharmacists in the community setting, and we believe we can utilize this event to educate the public about health-systems pharmacists role in public health.

Advice for Other SSHPs

The piece of advice I have for other SSHPs is to incorporate and encourage members of the community to participate in your event, when you organize an event in the community. The success of our fair was due in part to the effort of local community organizations. We recognize that health care is a cooperative environment that requires the cooperation and participation of the patient to yield the best results. If a patient is active in improving their own health, the pharmacist and the patient share a common goal. We utilized this idea of a “common goal” in the wellness fair. By incorporating local organizations who also share a common goal of health and wellness, we were able to host an event that was more encompassing.

Future Plans and Goals

Our SSHP is hosting a “Roundtable Night” in the future, where students from our institution are able to converse and ask questions to pharmacists in a speed dating atmosphere. Our SSHP is also planning an event at the local Veteran Affairs hospital, where SSHP members will be accepting medication for safe disposal.

About This SSHP

SSHP Size: 43

Years Achieved ASHP/SSHP Recognition: 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2012-2013

SSHP Leadership:

President: Audreanna Williams

President-elect: Thalissa Baptiste

Secretary: Thi Nga Tran

Treasurer: Sahil Kamboj

Contact Information:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abby Boire (

ASHP Student Liaison: Jean-Arnaud Keita (

SSHP Website:

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