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Chapman University School of Pharmacy

Chapman University

Chapman University School of Pharmacy

Irvine, CA

PAI Project

What was your PAI project? Which of the 5 pillars of PAI did your project mostly align with? Please explain.
Chapman University’s SSHP created a music video  educating the public about naloxone. This project was designed in alignment with the Leadership in Medication Use pillar of PAI, since it focused on safe and effective use of naloxone. The video included information on the appropriate use of naloxone during an opioid overdose, the signs and symptoms of recognizing a patient suffering from opioid overdose, and the different formulations available for this medication.

When was the project completed and where was it filmed?
The video was filmed in October 2019 at the Chapman University Rinker Health Sciences Campus.

How did students perceive this project?
Chapman University’s SSHP members were very excited to become part of a project that will educate the public! We had 46 students in total that were part of the production. 

What obstacles did you encounter in implementing your project and how would you improve your project in the future?
In order to ensure a professional and polished product, we utilized outside musicians to help us complete this project. We found the logistics of the collaboration challenges, due conflicting schedules for in-person meetings. In the future, we will plan to utilize any internal resources and talent we have from our membership. 

What advice do you have for other SSHPs attempting to complete similar projects?
When planning for events, collaborating on projects, or working with your team, remember to have fun with it. Pharmacy is growing before our eyes, and we are at the forefront. These times can be extremely stressful and demanding, but working with your peers, developing a plan, being creative, and watching your event or project unfold is incredibly exciting. Don’t forget that SSHP is just as much about advancing the pharmacy profession as it is creating networks and building relationships with your future colleagues. Also, remember to show positivity and enthusiasm in your work as it can go a long way in turning the entire operation into a positive experience.

What future plans/goals does your SSHP have?
Our SSHP plans to focus not only on advancing the pharmacy profession, but also on building relationships among peers and future colleagues. We will continue planning, developing, and hosting events and projects aimed at pharmacy education, network opportunities, and patient safety. We also plan on increasing our membership drive initiative in recruiting new members as well as retaining old ones. With the combined leadership and pharmacy prowess our SSHP has to offer, we are confident that we are going to be pivotal in driving the force of pharmacy.

Who do you think has been the biggest supporter of your SSHP?
We would like to thank our faculty advisors, Dr. Jerika Lam and Dr. Laura Tsu, as well as our student members for their unwavering support and making this project possible. Together, we will continue growing our organization, creating new pharmacy leaders and advancing the profession.

About This SSHP
The Chapman University School of Pharmacy SSHP is an official ASHP Recognized society with 103 active members.

ASHP-SSHP Liaisons
SSHP President: Danny H Pham
ASHP-SSHP Student Liaisons: Nadine Saab 
Faculty Advisor: Jerika Lam

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