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University of Florida-Orlando Campus

University of Florida-Orlando Campus

University of Florida-Orlando Campus SSHP

Orlando, FL

Residency Information Session

What was your residency information session?
Every year, our FSHP Chapter holds a local Residency Showcase. The Residency Showcase begins with a ‘Members-only Mixer’, where our members have the opportunity to interact with Residency Directors and Residents over mocktails. The Mixer is typically followed by dinner for all of our guests, and a Panel Discussion, which consists of residency program directors (RPDs) from all residency programs in attendance. This year we had 10 RPDs in attendance, each of them shared highlights of their programs and answered general questions regarding residency, the application and interview process. We concluded the evening with a Poster Session where our attending programs set up posters and tables showcasing their institutions. During the poster session, our students had the unique opportunity to interact with program representatives on a personal level and practice their networking skills.

How did the SSHP promote the residency information session?
For this event we relied heavily on social media and advertised through Facebook flyers. Additionally, our student organization sent weekly emails and posted announcements throughout our campus to increase our reach. Students were also notified about the Residency Showcase during our general body meetings. During the event we distributed a variety of printed materials including pamphlets and business cards. Residency programs also brought notepads, pens and keychains with the logos of each institution to hand out to students.

What was the time length of the residency information session?
The Residency Showcase was held within a three and a half hour time frame on the evening of November 8, 2019.

How engaged were student attendees during this event?
Students were very engaged throughout the entire process and asked several questions during the joint and individual networking opportunities. Examples of questions were received were: What stands out to you in a residency candidate’s application? How would you describe the teaching philosophy at your residency program? What aspects of your residency program are you most proud of? What is one piece of advice you would like to give anyone interested in applying to your program? What is the role of a clinical pharmacist in your institution? What sort of extracurricular activities do you think would help build the skill set needed for clinicians?

What advice do you have for other SSHPs interested in holding similar events?
Students from every point along the pharmacy school journey can gain something meaningful from attending an event such as the Residency Showcase; therefore it is important to advertise the inclusiveness of the event to your entire student body. The purpose of this event is to provide a unique experience for students to learn more about Residency programs and how to best prepare for their futures.

What future plans/goals does your SSHP have?
Our FSHP Chapter continues to educate our members about career pathways in hospitals and health-systems, career and professional development, along with providing opportunities for networking and community service. Students are presented with various opportunities to network with pharmacy professionals through events such as the Residency Showcase, guest speaker events, hospital shadowing/tours, the campus wide Clinical Skills Competition, and various volunteer events in the community. We have also piloted a few new events this year which include ‘Code Cart Wars’, a PhORCAS Workshop, and a joint journal club meeting with another student organization on campus. For our hard work and dedication our SSHP was honored with the 2019 ‘FSHP Student Chapter of the Year’ award this past summer during the FSHP Annual Meeting.

About This SSHP

The University of Florida-Orlando Campus SSHP  is an official ASHP Recognized society with 76 active members.

SSHP Leadership

SSHP President: Jessica Conn
SSHP Vice President: Tracy Tolf
SSHP President-Elect: Devi Surajbali
Secretary & ASHP Student Liaison: Jolanta Kuczek
Treasurer: Deanna Cordero Da Silva
Historian: Jaimi Luke
Faculty Advisor: Erin St Onge

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