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Hampton University School of Pharmacy

Hampton University School of Pharmacy

Hampton University School of Pharmacy

Hampton, VA

About Our Membership Drive

Our membership drive increased our membership numbers by 53!

What Tools Were Most Effective for Recruiting SSHP Members?

For our membership drive, we decorated the student lounge, had free gifts such as pens and lapel pins. We did have raffle tickets and some other incentives, such as the benefits of joining HUSSHP, what we planned to do throughout the semester and free journals that we gave out. We also had music playing in the student lounge during lunch hours and had a very friendly and welcoming environment.

How Did You Use ASHP Resources to Assist in the Membership Drive?

We gave away the pens and information booklets sent to us by ASHP.

Advice for Other SSHPs

For other student societies out there, we would like to say plan ahead for your membership drive. Make announcements over and over. Lay out the plan and important activities you have planned for the semester that can benefit the students in better preparing for their future careers, so that they will be drawn to join your student society.

Future Plans and Goals

We plan on doing a lot of presentations on different topics such as immunizations, poly-pharmacy, and opioid induced constipation, etc. Additionally, give-aways at senior community centers. We also plan on better preparing our students for residency positions by having biweekly meetings were we invite speakers and have sessions where we give out information on how to navigate the website, how to pick your rotations to fit your career path, and how to be the best candidate for the position.

About This SSHP

SSHP Size: 53

Years Achieved ASHP/SSHP Recognition: 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2012-2013, 2011-2012, 2010-2011, 2009-2010, 2008-2009

SSHP Leadership:

President: Siloise Binikiseh

President-elect: Matthew Bajsert

Vice President: Courtney Henry

Secretary: Joanne Fulinara Salvador

Treasurer: Danielle Brown

Community Service Chair: Isha Jariwala

Membership Chair: Cassie Jordan

Membership Chair: Eboney Brown

Historian: April Nixon

Publicist: Sri Topalli

Contact Information:

Faculty Advisor: Hua Ling (

ASHP Student Liaison: Siloise Binikiseh (

SSHP Website:

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