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MCPHS - Boston School of Pharmacy

MCPHS - Boston School of Pharmacy

Boston, MA

About Our PAI Project

Our PAI project was a Pharmacy Carnival. The motivation for our project was to expand the public’s knowledge of today’s more patient-oriented pharmacist and enlighten them on how pharmacists can apply their knowledge and skills to more directly advocate for patients and meet today’s ever-changing healthcare challenges. Our project most closely aligned with implanting change in the community by expanding their knowledge about the role of a pharmacist.

Where and When Was the Project Held?

Our ASHP Pharmacy Carnival was held in Copley Square, the center of Boston, Massachusetts on September 15th, 2018.

Describe any collaboration with your state health-system pharmacy organization or other SSHPs

We collaborated with Northeastern University's ASHP-SSHP chapter, as well as all the other pharmacy organizations on our campus: Alpha Zeta Omega, National Organization for Rare Diseases, Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, American Society of Consultant Pharmacy, Phi Lambda Sigma, Student National Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists, Lambda Kappa Sigma, College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacy, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Industry Pharmacists Organization, National Community Pharmacists Association. 

How did you encourage/recruit students to become involved in your project?  

We encouraged the other pharmacy organizations as well Northeastern's chapter to become involved by emphasizing how pharmacy advocacy is needed more than ever. Our SSHP chapter were overwhelmed with the limited perceptions many public members have about today’s pharmacists.  Many are unaware of the length of time a pharmacist goes to school to ‘just counting and dispensing medications. We told them that the goal of this event was to promote our profession and continue to educate the public on the important role pharmacist have as providers in managing patients’ health.
Outcomes of the project
Over 250 visitors of all ages, kids to geriatrics, as well as several tourists visiting from out of the state and outside the US stopped by our Pharmacy Carnival to learn more about pharmacy and the many services and specialties provided by today’s pharmacists. All left the booths learning more about their health and the important role pharmacists’ play in the promotion of one’s health. A bonus for the day was a group of international pharmacists visiting Boston who stopped by our event and shared stories of their own pharmacy and how they were promoting pharmacy advocacy back home.  Overall, our goal was to further educate the public the continuing expanded role of pharmacists today and the public left with a new image and greater appreciation for today’s pharmacist.
Obstacles encountered in implementing the project and improvements for the future?
Obstacles that we encountered was getting everyone on board. We started planning this project over the summer starting in May. All of the students were out of school and so all of our communication had to be done through e-mail so it was really rough to get in touch with everyone while they were home or on vacation. However, after being consistent and sending numerous of reminders and e-mails we got everyone on board to help make this event so successful. We will continue this annual event, expanding our reach to involve other regional and New England SSHP chapters and possibly incorporate an Interprofessional Education flavor to future sessions all while maintaining a fun and interactive theme for families to enjoy.

About This SSHP

SSHP Size: 180 students

Years achieved ASHP/SSHP Recognition: Since 2011

SSHP Leadership

Amanda Hutchinson, Secretary (
Harine Lee, ACPO Representative (
Brenna-Reilly Evans, Special events coordinator (
Imara Velji, Public relations officer (
Mark Angelo Cepeda, Membership Coordinator (
Lauren Flood, Treasurer elect (
Harleigh Becotte, MSHP representative and Policy Advocate officer (
Paul Kiritsy, Second SSHP advisor (

Contact Information

Faculty Advisor: Trisha LaPointe (
SSHP Student Liaison: Jenny Nguyen (

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