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University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

Ann Arbor, MI

Our Membership Drive

Our membership drive increased our membership numbers by 51 new P1 students and 10 new P2-P4 students!

What Tools Were Most Effective for Recruiting SSHP Members?

Each year, two students are elected to serve as Membership Committee Chairs. A student is also elected yearly to be Secretary and to serve as E-board liaison to the Membership Committee Chairs, in addition to other responsibilities. Our annual fall membership drive is a pharmacist Q&A panel followed by a tour of the hospital pharmacies at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS). The Membership Chairs and the Secretary work together to set up the pharmacist panel, and also collaborate with UMHS pharmacy interns when setting up the hospital tour. The most effective resource for recruiting students during this membership drive is the pharmacy interns. All of the interns are current students at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy (UMCOP), and many of them are members of our SSHP as well. In addition to providing new students with facts about the different pharmacies located in UMHS, the interns are a great resource for promoting new student interest in membership in our SSHP and health system pharmacy as a whole.

What Will You Change for Your Next Membership Drive?

Because the membership drive consists of two parts, a Q&A panel and a hospital tour, the event ran longer than predicted in previous years. In order to shorten the event, this year’s pharmacist Q&A panel was originally limited to one pharmacist and one resident. A guest speaker joined last minute, but we were able to limit the panel to a thirty minute session. In future years, we may schedule more speakers but continue to limit the duration of the panel. This way, we can provide prospective members with a wider variety of perspectives, while keeping the event at a reasonable duration of time. Following the event this year, we provided contact information of the speakers as well as the student tour guides to attendees of the event. Next year, we plan to ask more pharmacists and residents to serve as resources for students who are interested in health system pharmacy. We would request their permission to provide their contact information to students who may be interested to learn more about health system pharmacy following the event.

Advice for Other SSHPs

Begin planning a membership drive early, and if it is an annual event, keep online records of all the resources used for planning the event (e.g., emails to speakers, venue, number of attendees, budget for food, facts about each pharmacy within UMHS, etc.) in order to make the planning process easier and the event run more smoothly in following years.

Collaborate with a nearby hospital system to provide members with more opportunities for shadowing, and to have more resources for speaker events or for members in general.

Create a monthly bulletin board to highlight upcoming events and important information, and to provide students with a recap of past events.

Advertise your SSHP and events through email, social media, the chapter website, and monthly chapter meetings.

Place special focus on advertising your SSHP at the beginning of each school year when new P1 students are still trying to decide which pharmacy organizations to join.

Future Plans and Goals

Increase member involvement in both ASHP and Michigan Pharmacy Association (MPA). We are hoping to inspire our students to take on more student leadership positions within these organizations, which will benefit them personally, and will also benefit our chapter as a whole and all student societies across the country.

Continue to grow our monthly focus group program to optimize its benefit to our members.

Increase shadowing and learning opportunities for our members within clinical specialties.

About This SSHP

SSHP Size: 112

Years Achieved ASHP/SSHP Recognition: 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2012-2013, 2011-2012, 2010-2011

In recent years, our SSHP implemented a monthly focus group schedule, using specialized events, such as roundtables or journal clubs, to highlight a different area of pharmacy each month. This program has been very successful and we have received excellent feedback from our members about the focus groups.

SSHP Leadership:

President: Emily Belarski

President-elect: Pauline Kim

Project Coordinator: Stephanie Yang

Secretary: Surin Lee

Treasurer: Maxwell Norris

Communications Liaison: Craig Michael

Contact Information:

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Michael Kraft ([email protected]) and Dr. Jacob Holler ([email protected])

ASHP Student Liaison: Yemen Yang ([email protected])

SSHP Website: University of Michigan Health-System Student Pharmacists