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University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Pittsburgh, PA

About Our Professional Development Project

“Fun in the Sun” was a fair-style event, which was collaboration between SSHP and Lambda Kappa Sigma Professional Fraternity, to promote sun safety and health to undergraduate students on campus at the University of Pittsburgh. Topics covered included: sun exposure/sunscreen, alternatives to sunscreen, skincare through the seasons, skin cancer, photosensitivity, acne, the dangers of tanning, and sun care during sports.

What Leadership Agenda Item Did the Project Support?

The project promoted pharmacists as the health care professionals who are accountable for medication-therapy outcomes of patients.

Where and When Was the Project Held?

The event was held at the lower campus of University of Pittsburgh on March 2, 2015.

How Many Patients Were Impacted or Exposed to Your Project?

We had 66 students (patients) attend the event.

Will Your SSHP Repeat This Project Next Year? If So, What Aspects Will You Keep the Same? Change?

Our SSHP chapter may repeat this project; however, we are more likely to keep the fair-style of the event and focus on a different topic area next year. One of the strengths of this project was that it exposed students to student-pharmacists and displayed that as professionals we are capable of providing total health care to our future patients. Therefore, the presence on lower campus with the student was a valuable factor; it would be great to continue as an annual SSHP fair event on a different topic each year. Another aspect of this project that helped make it successful was that we had a survey for students who attended and visited all the tables to complete on their way out of the event. We had two iPad minis available for students to take the survey, and had a drawing to raffle them off to students who completed the survey. In this way, we were able to measure outcomes such as how many students attended, what they thought of the event, and how we could improve for the following year.

Advice for Other SSHPs

We had a fantastic experience working with LKS on this project. It is important not to let the boundaries of your organization limit what you are capable of doing. By collaborating with another group of students, we increased the number of student participants, the resources we had available, and were able to make good connections to use again in the future.

Future Plans and Goals

Our SSHP would like to continue expanding the reach of the existing professional development projects we already have in place, in addition to adding one or two new projects for next year. We have begun working on a new initiative involving educating pharmacists about their role in selling syringes without a prescription to prevent the spread of disease.

About This SSHP

SSHP Size: 187

Years Achieved ASHP/SSHP Recognition: 6 years

Something else that contributes to the success of our project is how each project has its own Project Manager under the leadership of the Professional Project Chair. This allows constant progress to be made on each project with reports being made to the Professional Project Chair and the rest of the executive board on a regular bases. In this way, the Project Managers are able to discuss any successes or difficulties they are having at the moment in order to get support for their projects from the rest of our SSHP leadership positions.

SSHP Leadership:

President: Daniel Nelson

President-elect: Kerry Moore

Vice President: Sophie Yang

Business Manager: Brendan Homanick

Professional Project Chair: Valerie Nolt

Professional Project Chair-elect: Kyle Zacholski

Career Development Co-Chairs: Julia DiNardo, Brittany Jordan

Contact Information:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heather Johnson (

ASHP Student Liaison: Valerie Nolt (

SSHP Website: pittaphaasp/pshp

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