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University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy

University of Wyoming SSHP Group Photo

University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy

Laramie, WY

About Our Professional Development Project

The Wyoming Student Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (WSSHP) hosted a 5K "Sundae, Runday, Funday Pharmacy Phrolic" Run and Walk. Through this event, we engaged our community by promoting an active lifestyle and advocating for the profession of pharmacy during the run and walk, while raising money and collecting canned food for a local charity!

Which ASHP Strategic Plan priority and/goal(s) did the project support?

Increase the influence of pharmacy leaders in hospitals and health systems.

Where and When Was the Project Held?

Our event was held on Sunday, April 28th 2018 at our beautiful Laramie River Greenbelt Park and Trail. The event was a week before finals and also served as a great stress reliever for all of our members to run or walk, engage the community, and eat some ice cream and talk with everyone in some gorgeous weather!

How Many Patients Were Impacted or Exposed to Your Project?

Our 5K had over 50 individuals in total running, walking, or jogging during the event.

Will Your SSHP Repeat This Project Next Year? If So, What Aspects Will You Keep the Same? Change?

Yes! We plan to repeat the 5K and hopefully engage even more people while raising money for a good cause. We loved the aspect of being able to engage the community in a relaxed environment to discuss the profession. Moving forward, we would love to have an even higher attendance and reach out to other health care professions and students!

Advice for Other SSHPs

It's important to keep moving forward with your goals and keep trying to implement the changes you want in your community! Our event and weeks of planning could have been easily ruined by bad weather, something that has definitely happened in the past. It's key to remember that things don't always work out for certain events, and it can definitely be demotivating. However, it's crucial to not give up!

Future Plans and Goals

As a SSHP, we want to focus on the professional development of our students. We are currently implementing monthly patient case studies and landmark clinical trials to further develop students. We hope that by exploring landmark trials, we will be able to better understand rationale in therapy choices and to be able to apply them to patient cases.

About This SSHP

SSHP Size: 48 students

Years achieved ASHP/SSHP Recognition: Since 2011

SSHP Leadership

President: Dylan Ren
President Elect: Taylor Wilde
Secretary: Kaycee Brustkern
Treasurer: Emma Evans
Phrolic Chair: Kevin Page
Poison Prevention Chair: Anna Wehrly

Contact Information

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Biehle ([email protected])
SSHP Student Liaison: Dylan Ren ([email protected])

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