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MCPHS University - Boston

MCPHS University-Boston

Boston, MA

Professional Development Project

What was your professional development project?
Our SSHP held a Burnout Series event as our professional development project. The objective of the Burnout Series was to educate pharmacy students on how to differentiate between stress and burnout, recognize early signs and symptoms of burnout, and identify practical ways to improve overall well-being through stress-relieving events, workshops, and informative social media posts. This was a longitudinal project that included a series of events held both in the fall and spring semesters, touching 100 participants.

Which ASHP Strategic Plan priority and goal did the project support?
This project was designed to align with ASHP Goal 4: Improve Patient Care by Enhancing the Well-being and Resilience of Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians.

What was the format of the event?
Students presented on the topic of burnout during a general meeting to inform students about the importance of recognizing early signs and symptoms of approaching burnout and ways to cope with stress during pharmacy school. We then held both on-campus and off-campus events where students could participate in a stress relieving activity. In planning this event and developing our materials we utilized ASHP’s State Affiliate Toolkit on Well-Being and Resilience, the Resilient Workforce Infographic, and the Individual Strategies to Promote Well-Being resources.

What obstacles did you find in executing the event?
One of the biggest obstacles in completing this project was identifying times that were good for students of all years. Cost was also an obstacle, as off-campus events are pricey, but we were fortunate that MCPHS University agreed to be a sponsor.

Will your SSHP repeat this project? What aspects will you keep the same? What modifications will be made for the future?
We have already planned to launch this project for the upcoming academic year and we will continue to repeat and enhance it in the future. The students enjoy having events that distract them from studying and are interested in finding out new ways to cope with stress. In the future, we hope to integrate additional techniques and activities that aid students in stress management both professionally and personally. We also plan on initiating a collaboration with a representative from our state affiliate, and hold a workshop on workplace well-being in conjunction with Northeastern's SSHP.

Why was this project a priority for your SSHP?
Most students do not know what burnout is and how to recognize it, even though they may be experiencing it. It is important to educate students of all years to recognize early signs of burnout for themselves and their network. Once identified it is crucial to provide them with the tools to change their surrounds and find healthy ways to cope with the stress of pharmacy school, work, and life challenges.

About This SSHP
The MCPHS University-Boston SSHP is an official ASHP Recognized society with 197 active members.

SSHP Leadership
SSHP President & ASHP Student Liaison: Brenna Reilly-Evans
Vice President: Amanda Hutchison
Secretary: Lily Chanthasak
Treasurer: Lauren Flood
Public Relations Officer: Abigail Hoffman
Special Events Coordinator: Nima Vahadji 
Faculty Advisor: Trisha LaPointe

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