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Keck Graduate Institute

Keck Graduate Institute

Claremont, CA

Professional Development Project

What was your professional development project?
Our project focused on stress management and awareness in graduate students. Our goal was to educate students to cultivate mindful responses to stress and utilize coping mechanisms. We held a booth during our school's annual Fresh Check Day, which is an event geared towards suicide prevention, mental health awareness and stress relief. We educated students on stress management, gauged their stress levels with pre and post surveys and also had a hands-on activity for students to enjoy.

Which ASHP Strategic Plan priority and goal(s) did the project support? 
The project supported the ASHP Strategic Plan Goal 1, Our Patients and Their Care. We focused on: 

  • Improving the Health and Well-being of Patients by Optimizing Medication Therapy Outcomes Across the Continuum of Care.  
  • Advancing Pharmacy Practice Across the Continuum of Care Improve Patient Care by Enhancing the Well-being and Resilience of Pharmacists, Student Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians.

What obstacles did you find in executing the event?
The most difficult part was trying to create a successful and organized event in a small area. We held a booth on campus but did not expect the number of people who would be interested in our activity. For replicating this event in the future, we would plan a larger area and have more supplies for all students to participate.

Will your SSHP repeat this project? What aspects will you keep the same? What modifications will be made for the future?
This community project was successful and impacted over 150 members of the community. Our chapter led a stress management activity and made calming bottles which students found useful and effective in combating their stress.  Some modifications for the project would be to host multiple events to reach more members of the community. Other modifications for the future include more education on the physiological and psychological impact of stress and coping mechanisms.

What other events does your SSHP plan on executing in the next few months?
In the following months, our SSHP chapter will be hosting a residency roundtable in collaboration with other student organizations, and a CV workshop for student pharmacist. Additionally, we will be holding our annual PharmCamp event. During PharmCamp we host primary and secondary school students from school districts with low high school graduation rates, socioeconomic disadvantaged backgrounds and minority groups, and engage them in conversations regarding pharmacy and STEM related careers.

About This SSHP
The Keck Graduate Institute SSHP  is an official ASHP Recognized society with 86 active members.

ASHP-SSHP Liaisons
SSHP President:Mitchell Timbol
Community Outreach Co-Chair: Celine Chau
Professional Chair: Stephanie Nguyen
Faculty Advisor: Robert Stein

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