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Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI

Project Name: Strategic Student Preparations for Advancing Pharmacy Professional Policies

Can You Describe your Project?

The Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy (MCW SOP) student organizations collaborated and developed three preparatory sessions for student pharmacists to advocate for the profession at the PSW Legislative Day. The goal of the project was to prepare students for Legislative Day by improving comprehension of bills and confidence during visits with legislators.

What was the structure for this project?

Our preparatory session consisted of three key parts:

  • Bill Review Session: Where we outlined current pharmacy bills, provided bill resources and examples of opposing views, and allowed for a question and answer (Q&A session) for students
  • Practice Session: Students met with mock legislators in order to practice explaining each bill to the legislator and practice advocating for their stance on the bill
  • Communication Skills Session: Students received tips and best practices for communicating with individuals of different backgrounds and information on maintaining open communication

What was the outcome of your project?

Students were asked to participate in surveys to measure student understanding and confidence before and after the preparatory sessions. Statistical significance was found in our primary endpoints of comprehension of the different proposed bills and confidence before and after the session.

What do you recommend for SSHPs interested in conducting a similar project?

Coordinate a day for your SOP with your pharmacy state affiliate to host a pharmacy legislative day at the Capitol; and develop at least one preparatory session for students to enhance policy and advocacy engagement and to improve pharmacy legislative day for students. You can take the following steps to ensure success:

  1. Contact your state pharmacy organization and organize a date for the pharmacy legislative day at the Capitol
  2. Contact and potentially collaborate with other student organizations and determine what skills or experiences should be provided in the preparatory sessions
  3. Schedule date(s) and reserve the necessary rooms or spaces for each of your preparatory session(s) and confirm students are able to attend
  4. Advertise the preparatory session(s) to students and consider requiring or incentivizing student attendance
  5. Coordinate travel arrangements for students to travel to the Capitol and represent the pharmacy profession at Legislative Day

About This SSHP:

The Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy SSHP is an official ASHP Recognized society.

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