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The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Columbus, OH

Take a Break: Workforce Well-Being and Resilience Initiative in Action

Tells Us about Your Well-Being and Resilience Project:

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy SSHP supported ASHP’s Clinician Well-Being and Resilience Initiative through the creation of regular wellness activities for College of Pharmacy students. Through this outreach, future practitioners were encouraged to develop positive self-care habits that enable them to avoid burn-out and provide better outcomes for patients now and in the future.

How Did You Accomplish This?

Student leaders within OSU-SSHP began the “Take a Break” Initiative with the goal of engaging as many student pharmacists as possible. An executive board chair position was created in order to support the chapter’s well-being and resilience commitment, with a goal of completing monthly events. Events spanned from networking and recharge events, group activities, and on-campus meetings.

How Did You Measure Your Success?

Our goal for the academic year was to reach as many students as possible with events around the city of Columbus or on-campus in order to prevent burn-out among student pharmacists. Each event incorporated messaging about the importance of well-being and shared ASHP’s resources on Well-Being and Resilience, and many reached over 150 students. By advocating for self-care of student pharmacists, both students and practitioners are better able to care for patients whether in an intern or pharmacist capacity.

How Can other SSHPs plan similar events?

  • At the start of the school year or during elections, appoint a Workforce Well-Being and Resilience chair to serve on the executive board
  • Choose a manageable time interval (every month, every two months, etc.) at which to hold wellness events
  • Determine the event details (e.g. whether it will be on or off campus, if there are any associated costs such as equipment rental, whether students need anything prior to attending, etc.)
  • Create event sign-up sheets in order to anticipate the numbers of attendees expected and materials required
  • Advertise your event throughout your college of pharmacy to generate interest
  • Incentivize student participation with professional development hours or food to increase involvement

About this SSHP:

The OSU-SSHP was recognized with ASHP’s Outstanding Professional Development Project Award for 2019 in recognition for the chapter’s dedication to ASHP’s Clinician Well-Being and Resilience Initiative.

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