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University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Athens, GA

Professional Development Project

What was your professional development project?

The University Of Georgia College Of Pharmacy SSHP has had the opportunity to collaborate with a local hospital to provide patient education through their “Cardiac Rehab Clinic” program. The “Cardiac Rehab Clinic” is a patient education program offered by St. Mary’s Health Care System to patients following any hospitalization for heart conditions, such as a heart attack, stent placement or stroke.

The purpose is to reduce repeated hospitalizations and ensure a safe discharge for eligible patients. Our SSHP collaborates with St. Mary’s to provide our student members an opportunity to present to patients about new health technology and educate them on common over-the-counter drugs that could interact with their new discharge medications.

Which ASHP Strategic Plan priority and goal(s) did the project support? 
This project was designed to align with ASHP’s Goal 1: Our Patients and Their Care, Improve the Health and Well-being of Patients by Optimizing Medication Therapy Outcomes Across the Continuum of Care.

Where and when was the project held?
This is a recurrent, longitudinal project for our SSHP. The event is held on the first Tuesday of each month at St. Mary’s Health Care System in Athens, Georgia. Students rotate the presentation responsibilities and on average we reach 12 patients per month through this program. The content of the presentation is adjusted based on the audience, in collaboration with seasoned pharmacists working at St. Mary’s. Based on the success of this event, the reach to patients, and high student satisfaction, we plan to continue holding this event in future years.

About This SSHP
The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy SSHP is an official ASHP Recognized society with 161 active members.

SSHP Leadership
SSHP President & ASHP Student Liaison: Alfred Awuah
SSHP President-Elect: Kristine Nguyen
Membership and Finance: Rachel Shelley
Education and Professional Development: Lily Zheng 
Treasurer: Becca Powell
Secretary: Brian Tran
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Darley


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