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8/16/2018 Opioid Management

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

Interdisciplinary medication disposal in a post-surgical setting Overview The pharmacy department has partnered with a physician champion and others as part of an interdisciplinary project to provide a mechanism for medication disposal in a post-surgical setting. Patients are encouraged to return

8/16/2018 Opioid Management

Cone Health Greensboro, NC

Pharmacist-driven multimodal analgesia initiative to decrease PCA opioid use in patients with total knee replacement  Overview The literature shows that historically, older orthopedic patients often require lower opioid doses in comparison to those given to younger patients. Utilizing patient-contr

8/15/2018 Pharmacy Informaticist

Tristan Edwards

PGY2 Pharmacy Informatics Resident

8/15/2018 Inpatient Care Practitioner

Kelsey Echelbarger

Lead Pharmacist

8/9/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Margarita Fedorova

Reasons for selecting this career path  Desire to help people. As the Technician Manager I like helping technicians achieve their full potential. Professional Interests  Mentorship, performance improvement, innovation in technology. Interest in the PTF Executive Committee  I value collaboration and

8/9/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Tiffany Kofroth

Reasons for selecting this career path I enjoy teaching and training pharmacy staff members in various pharmacy subjects. Interest in the PTF Executive Committee I wanted to be a part of the Technician’s voice on a national level and convey the thoughts and ideas I have as a practicing technician. 

8/8/2018 Pharmacy Technician

Barbara Hintzen

Reasons for selecting this career path I have always had a desire to make improvements and enjoy working closely with a team to streamline workflow.  Pharmacy has provided me with many resources and opportunities to increase my knowledge and use my skills in business and process improvement.  My car

8/1/2018 Ambulatory Care Practitioner

Lincoln Medical Center

Lincoln Medical Center

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