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NPF Executive Committee Message April 2021

Brittany Tschaen
Pharm.D, M.S.

April 2021

Hello New Practitioners,

Welcome to the ASHP New Practitioners Forum (NPF)! As the warmer spring weather approaches, we also welcome the class of 2021 pharmacy students and residents. This is both an exciting and potentially stressful time for students and residents. The executive committee would like to congratulate all of the ASHP members who matched in Phase I. We would like to also provide encouragement and support for those members entering the Phase II match. ASHP and the NPF are here to support you throughout the process. We hope that you utilize the ASHP match day resource website. The website provides a roadmap to residency including navigating Phase II and transitioning to a PGY1 or a PGY2 residency. In addition, a new ASHP resource, ASHP Gap Year Toolkit provides guidance to those members who plan to take a “gap” year and reapply for residency next year.

The NPF invites you to apply to become a member of an advisory group. The advisory groups are a fantastic way to take on an active role in the forum and collaborate with new practitioners across the country. There are six advisory groups within NPF, each with a unique focus and scope. Each advisory group and its members are essential to the forum and new practitioner members of ASHP. We encourage you to learn more about the six advisory groups to help determine which advisory group may align with your professional interests and career goals. In addition, you can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of advisory group members and chairs on the website. We sincerely hope you apply to become a member or chair of an advisory group. The online application is due May 1st.

As always, the NPF wants to support you and your professional growth. We always appreciate feedback and new ideas on ways to better support your professional interests. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and follow us on twitter.

Brittany Tschaen, Pharm.D., M.S.
Member, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee