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NPF Executive Committee Message February 2021

Ami Shah
Pharm.D., BCCP

March 2021

Hello New Practitioners,

On behalf of the ASHP New Practitioners Forum (NPF) Executive Committee, we hope the New Year has been off to a great start! As we move into March and residency recruitment is in full swing, we would like to take a moment to highlight the various mentoring and precepting resources available to you. Training and mentoring future pharmacists through different career transitions may be challenging, but there are numerous ASHP NPF Mentoring and Precepting Resources available to assist you through the process! 

There are several resources to guide you, as you develop an individualized approach to effectively teach and train your students and residents. Within the ASHP Preceptor Toolkit, you will find residency-specific and student-specific resources to further develop your precepting style. The residency-specific resources aim to build a solid foundation for the residents’ experience and knowledge development, including grant and research tips. Similarly, the student-specific resources serve as a guide for pharmacists who have a formal or informal responsibility to teach pharmacy students, with a focus on Institutional Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). Lastly, the ASHP Preceptor’s Playbook is an exceptional resource and is a self-guided online program with 9 modules, each designed to enhance the “traditional” precepting skills such as coaching and designing learning experiences, but also “soft” skills necessary to be an effective preceptor. The Preceptor’s Playbook also offers 13.25 hours of ACPE continuing education!

ASHP publications aim at continuing development of mentoring and precepting abilities. The Effective Pharmacy Preceptor, authored by MM Soric, SR Schneider, and SS Wisneski, effectively walks you through each phase of your precepting experience. This includes building/tailoring the experience for new or incoming residents, conducting the precepting experience through their learning experience, and finally guidance beyond the learning experience as they begin to transition into new career experiences.

Effective preceptorship and mentorship can be challenging, but there are several resources to assist you. As you are navigating the interview process for new recruits and serving as mentors for current learners who are preparing for a career transition, remember to dedicate time to continually develop your mentoring and precepting abilities utilizing the resources available to you. Feel free to reach out to the Executive Committee with additional ideas to better support your growth at [email protected].

Ami Shah, PharmD, BCCCP
Member, New Practitioners Forum Executive Committee
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Critical Care/Cardiothoracic ICU
Mount Sinai Morningside Medical Center