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NPF Executive Committee Message September 2017

Norman E. Fenn III
Pharm.D., BCPS

Hello New Practitioners!

It is hard to believe that the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (MCM) is only a few short months away. The opportunities available to new practitioners are seemingly endless. For some of you, it will be the first time you are on the other side of the Residency Showcase, easily one of my favorite aspects of the MCM. The excitement, the enthusiasm, and the passion for our profession can truly be felt at this event. In addition to the Residency Showcase, there’s also the Personnel Placement Service (PPS) and other networking opportunities the likes of which is not seen anywhere else in the pharmacy world! Specifically to new practitioners is a full-day of educational programming on Career Development and Clinical Development.

One item that will continue to advance your success at MCM is a strong and effective CV. Sure, we all have CVs, but have you ever considered tailoring the CV to the position you’re interested in? A good CV can help reviewers, such as residency directors or prospective employers, quickly identify what makes you a top candidate for them to consider. What a PGY-2 residency director is considering may be different from a PGY-1 residency director. The same thing can be said for many employers. The content, as well as the order of that content, can have a significant effect on those who will be evaluating you as a candidate.

As you progress through your career and consider new adventures, updating your CV is critical, and ASHP has several tools to assist in this process. You can watch a video on how to transform your CV, find helpful suggestions in the CV Transition toolkit, or submit your CV to the ASHP CV Review Program. As a new practitioner, you can sign-up as a CV reviewer and indicate what level of CVs you wish to review, how many CVs you are willing to review, and preferred specialty areas. Serving as a reviewer is a rewarding and valuable experience and can truly impact your reviewee’s professional development. I encourage you to investigate these options and other opportunities/services on the ASHP website, and wish you continued success with your career!

Warmest regards,

Norman E Fenn III, PharmD, BCPS
Member, ASHP New Practitioner Forum Executive Committee

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