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ASHP members can practice their interview skills anytime and anywhere through created and customized mock interviews. Customized interviews have been created to assist our members in practicing and preparing for student internship, residency, and pharmacist interviews. Access to InterviewStream is free to ASHP members and includes interview questions specific to hospital and health-system pharmacy positions. 

InterviewStream is a premier provider of video interviewing technology that helps students, residents, and early-mid-late career pharmacists prepare for future job interviews by creating a no-pressure environment to practice and develop your skills. InterviewStream is a web-based interview prep application that can be accessed from a your laptop, phone or mobile device; the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox is preferred for conducting an interview. 
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Check out the resources in your Interviewee Dashboard to help you practice and prepare for that next live interview. Peruse the training videos & support information below. After the residency or job seeker records an interview, the web-based recording can be shared with their peers or mentors for feedback.

Any technical questions can be sent to [email protected] ASHP-related questions can be sent to [email protected]

*Note: You must be logged-in to your account to access InterviewStream.

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