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Catching 40 Winks, Thanks to Web

Katherine M. Bennett

Good sleep habits are essential to patients’ overall health. Learn more about resolving insomnia and other sleep disorders by consulting these Web sites: (University of California at Los Angeles)—Most of the important information on sleep and sleep disorders available on the Web can be accessed from this home page. Link to news, research, organizations, discussion forums, and publications such as Sleep Research Online. Sign up for "NAPS," a service for automatically receiving updates on sleep research updates. (Eastern Virginia Medical School Sleep Disorders Center)—The American Sleep Disorders Association supplies good general information covering sleep disorders from insomnia to restless leg syndrome. (Department of Health and Human Services)—Search with the keyword "sleep" to find patient and professional information about a wide range of sleep problems; try testing your "sleep IQ." (Mayo Clinic)—Sleep well with the 10 tips that can be accessed by searching with the keyword "sleep."