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$1 Million in Federal Grants to Go to Clinical Pharmacy Demonstration Projects

Cheryl A. Thompson

The federal Health Resources and Services Administration’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) has $1 million in grants available for three to seven clinical pharmacy demonstration projects.

Awards of $100,000 to $250,000 will be made to networks of community and migrant health centers that have collaborative relationships with pharmacy schools. Through the projects, OPA aims to show how patients benefit from improved access to medications in concert with comprehensive pharmacy services and why health delivery systems should make these services a standard component.

The application deadline for this year’s funding is June 1.

To participate in a demonstration project, a community or migrant health center must:

  • Use an existing network of health center sites or form a network with other sites, and 
  • Develop a relationship with a pharmacy school to provide professional support for developing comprehensive pharmacy services.

Pharmacy services will be provided to a community or migrant health center by an existing inhouse pharmacy, a newly created inhouse pharmacy, or a contract pharmacy.

For a pharmacy school, participation in a demonstration project provides a site for community-based training of students, clinical faculty positions for grantee pharmacy staff members, and opportunities for clinical outcomes research.

Click here to obtain more information, including OPA’s request for proposals.

OPA was formerly called the Office of Drug Pricing.