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HHS Launches Healthy People 2010

Cheryl A. Thompson

Coming off a 59 percent success rate in reaching public health goals for 2000, the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) has launched Healthy People 2010.

Aimed at improving Americans' quality of life and eliminating health disparities among racial and ethnic groups, the program lays out 467 objectives organized into 28 focus areas, such as diabetes and respiratory diseases. Of particular importance to pharmacy are the following focus areas and objectives: 


  • Patients have an annual glycosylated hemoglobin measurement. 
  • Patients monitor their blood glucose levels.

Heart disease and stroke 

  • Appropriate patients receive artery-opening therapy. 
  • Hospitalizations from heart failure are prevented. 
  • Patients know the early warning symptoms of stroke. 
  • High blood pressure is under control.

Human immunodeficiency virus 

  • Patients receive treatment according to guidelines.

Immunization and infectious diseases 

  • Infants, young children, adults, and people in high-risk groups receive vaccinations against hepatitis B infection.

    Patients with tuberculosis complete curative therapy. 

  • Hospitalizations from peptic ulcer disease are prevented. 
  • Antimicrobials are not prescribed for common colds. 
  • Actions are taken to prevent hospital-acquired infections. 
  • Antimicrobials are appropriately used in the intensive care units. 
  • Vaccine safety is actively monitored. 
  • Adults receive vaccinations against influenza and pneumococcal disease.

Medical product safety 

  • Health care providers use linked, automated information systems. 
  • Health care providers review medications taken by patients. 
  • Patients receive useful information from pharmacies. 
  • Patients receive oral counseling from prescribers and dispensers.

Respiratory Diseases 

  • Hospitalizations for asthma are prevented.

Tobacco use 

  • Adults, pregnant women, and adolescents are encouraged to undergo smoking-cessation therapy.

ASHP is among the more than 350 national membership organizations working with HHS on Healthy People 2010. For more information on this public health initiative, go to